Going the extra mile: how Profitroom takes their hotel partner’s success to the next level


At Profitroom we strongly invest into the Customer Success team with the goal to not only meet but also outperform our hotel partner’s direct booking results.

As our advanced and unique Booking Engine 360 is at the heart of most of our hotel partner successes, our Customer Success team is our very own internal growth engine. 

We pride ourselves to pair industry-leading hotel technology with a dedicated team of passionate and highly experienced industry experts. Hotel partners working hand in hand with our Customer Success team benefit from the full potential of our solutions and service offers. 

Global experience paired with local expertise 🌟

Our Customer Success team consists of over 20 hospitality experts located across three continents who deliver maximum value to our hotel partners every day with a unique approach to every single one of them. 

"I am very proud of our team of highly experienced Customer Success Managers who are able to support our

clients in seven languages. All of us have a strong background in hospitality and have great access to data and

best practices. This means we can easily recommend best practices, identify strategic errors early on and offer

tailored advice in order to bring hoteliers to a maximum number of direct bookings. This is achieved through

detailed audits, optimization and training of the on-site team members" says Edyta Walczak, Chief Customer Success Officer, who was recently promoted to the role of aligning the strongly experienced Customer Success teams across all markets to the new company vision.

We’re here to help you to:

  • stay up to date on new product functionalities, industry trends and market knowledge
  • incorporate new functionalities and monitor the successful implementation
  • increase efficiency by making the most out of Profitroom Marketing Automation
  • share best practices compared to similar hotel partners
  • deep dive into product trainings 

Want to learn more about how we can help to reach your goals? Simply get in touch with our team. We look

forward to hearing from you! 💌

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Jane Young, Marketing Manager