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We at Profitroom pride ourselves on sharing our knowledge. From the latest hospitality technology solutions, helping hoteliers to increase their direct bookings, to guiding our hotel partners through topical industry trends. Supporting them to streamline their businesses and use the latest best-practice and ways of utilising technology as a priority. Some are lucky enough to have our wonderful customer success team to walk them through this, for the others, fear not…. We’re taking our knowledge On Tour!

Hoteliers are busy people. We understand that not all hotels have the opportunity to travel to the larger exhibitions or even spend a full day out of the office, which is why we’re coming to you, with topics relating to your area, across the UK!

It won’t be a morning of heavy tech talk, we like a bit of regional variety and inspiration.

Derbyshire was our first stop, an area of great tourism opportunity.

Inspiring talks from East Midlands Airport gave us an insight into the importance of collaboration between airports and the local tourism industry to attract and retain more visitors to the area.

Visit Peak District and Derbyshire brought it home with statistics around day and overnight visitors to the area and again highlighted how working together and using the right technology can make the difference between a day visit and a multi-night stay, bringing income to the region and supporting revenue for hotels. 

Here’s what you missed…

"Collaboration is key. The main focus is to turn day visitors into stay visitors." - Lindsey Rae, Visit Peak District and Derbyshire

Collaboration between hotels and tourism bodies plays a pivotal role in attracting more visitors to a region. By working together, you can leverage your respective strengths and resources to create a compelling destination experience. Hotels, with their expertise in hospitality and accommodation, can provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for tourists. Meanwhile, tourism bodies possess extensive knowledge about the region's attractions, activities, and unique selling points. By aligning their efforts, hotels can benefit from the promotional reach and marketing initiatives of tourism bodies, while tourism bodies can tap into the infrastructure and services offered by hotels. 

This collaboration allows for the development of comprehensive destination packages, enticing visitors with seamless travel experiences, a wide range of accommodation options, and a wealth of local insights. Moreover, joint promotional campaigns, special offers, and cooperative events can further enhance the visibility and appeal of the region, ultimately attracting a larger number of visitors who are eager to explore and immerse themselves in the destination's offerings. 

"67% of people would prefer to book directly with hotels." - Stewart Moss, High Level Software

Why? Booking directly allows individuals to have direct communication and interaction with the hotel, ensuring personalised service and the ability to address specific needs or preferences. By bypassing third-party booking platforms, guests can have a direct line of communication for any inquiries, special offers, or modifications to their reservations. Utilising technology solutions like Profitroom, High Level Software, Right Revenue and PXP Financial, hotels can stand out to their guests, providing personalised offers, competitive rates, discounts, loyalty programs and smart solutions which allow hotels to target individual customers directly. 

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"We need to work together to create a more compelling offer for visitors." - Dean Madge, Profitroom

Creating a more compelling offer for guests requires a collaborative effort. By leveraging personalised offers and automated messaging, hotels can tailor their services and amenities to cater to the unique preferences and needs of individual guests. Through data analysis and guest profiling, hotels can gain insights into guest preferences, enabling them to offer personalised packages, room upgrades, or exclusive experiences that align with their interests - enhancing the overall guest experience and creating a sense of exclusivity and value. 

Collaboration with other hotel technology solutions further enhances the guest experience. Integration with innovative technologies such as mobile apps, smart room features, and seamless booking platforms, like Profitroom enables guests to have a convenient and seamless experience throughout their stay. By working together with these solutions and adopting these technological advancements, hotels can provide guests with efficient services, streamlined processes, and personalised recommendations, ultimately enticing and retaining guests. This collaborative approach not only enhances guest satisfaction but also positions the hotel as a forward-thinking and guest-centric choice, setting it apart from competitors in the industry.

“The service we got from the people at Profitroom is what stood out.” Genting Hotel and Resorts

Before working with Profitroom, Genting hotels were unable to see their conversion and often dealt with booking errors like guest reservations not going through to their booking engine. They had a strong reliance on OTAs meaning increased commission costs and a guest journey that was losing them business. 

Genting Hotel identified it was time to change this, which is where Profitroom came in. Our dedicated customer success team was right by their side. Providing insight and learnings from our Booking Engine 360 and allowing Genting to focus more on the direct bookings from their website. The seamless connection from web to booking engine gave peace of mind that bookings were coming through, gave them a platform to introduce packages and tailored offers for their guests and most importantly worked with them to encourage more direct bookings. 

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A special thank you

Goes to our wonderful Derbyshire speakers and partners for providing us with valuable insight and hearty debate on the panel.

Ioan Reed-Aspley, East Midlands Airport

Harry Ashbolt - Genting Hotel, Resorts World

Lindsay Rae, Visit Peak District and Derbyshire

Stewart Moss, High Level Software

George Titlow, Right Revenue

Kingsley Durr, PXP Financial

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