Effective automated messages: how to increase hotel guest loyalty.

Inspirational automated messages - EN

Nowadays, maintaining contact with customers is a key element of marketing strategy, especially in the hotel industry.

For objects using Profitroom CRM and Profitroom Marketing Automation, the ability to send automated messages becomes a powerful tool for building relationships with guests. One of such key messages is "Thank you for signing up to the newsletter," set up by default to be sent one day after signing up if the guest has not made a reservation.

Building relationships and increasing loyalty 

Sending "thanks for signing up to the newsletter" is more than just an expression of gratitude. This is a strategic step in building relationships with potential guests, and thanks to automated communication, the hotel can effectively use marketing consents granted by customers. This first contact is an opportunity to present the hotel’s unique offer, available services and attractions, but above all, to start an interaction, which can turn into a reservation or even a long-term relationship.

Full automation

The "Thank you for signing up to the newsletter" message is available in Profitroom Marketing Automation to express gratitude for joining the newsletter, and is set up by default to be sent just 1 day after making such a subscription. This message will only be sent to people who have not yet made a booking, so as to move the customer down the sales funnel even more effectively.

Inspirational email - settings

The email content is preset for your convenience, too. In addition to expressing gratitude for joining the newsletter, it presents the hotel as an attractive, comfortable place with a high standard of service, additionally listing available amenities and attractions and encouraging people to make a reservation.

Why do so many people choose our hotel?’ is a particularly interesting element of the message. It emphasises the attractiveness of the hotel in the eyes of the community and additionally builds the so-called ‘social proof’. This refers to the phenomenon where people are guided by the attitudes, opinions, or actions of others, assuming that if something is popular in society, it has to be valuable.

Inspirational email - example before editing

Personalise your messages

As with other messages available in Profitroom Marketing Automation, it is possible to personalise the content of the inspirational message. Hotels can adapt the message to their communication style, present unique offers, add interesting elements and photos that will additionally interest the recipients. The editing process is intuitive and identical to other email messages.

Inspirational email - edited version

Why sending inspirational emails works


1. It encourages bookings: An e-mail that describes the hotel's offer in an interesting way, increases the recipient’s interest and encourages them to make a reservation, especially if it is sent shortly after a visit to the hotel's website.


2. It builds a positive image: Inspiring content helps highlight hotel attractions, special offers or events, creating positive brand associations.


3. It maintains brand awareness: Sending regular messages helps the customers remember about the hotel, which may influence their future travel planning choices.

Benefits from sending automatic messages


1. Effective use of marketing consents: Automated messages allow the use of marketing consents, building trust in the brand, while minimising the effort of hotel employees.


2. Optimization of marketing processes: Thanks to Profitroom Marketing Automation, which provides ready-made scenarios for communicating with guests, hotels can optimise their marketing processes, saving time and resources.


3. An effective tool for building loyalty: Regular, personalised communication with guests helps build loyalty, which ultimately translates into long-term relationships.


To sum up, sending inspiring automatic messages is not only an opportunity to maintain relationships with customers, but also an effective tool that increases the chances of making a reservation soon after signing up for the newsletter.


Guests who already intend to learn about interesting hotel offers will be willing to read this type of news and will certainly respond well to an interesting offer by making a direct reservation. And even if the effect in the form of a reservation is not immediate, the hotel will begin to build a positive relationship with the customer, which over time may translate into brand loyalty.


Marta Frąk-Kuśmierczak - Junior Product Expert