Content optimization on the hotel website (SEO)


One of the key factors influencing the website's visibility in search engines is the texts placed on such website. So if you are planning to increase traffic on your hotel website, it is important to take into account the correct content optimization. How do I get down to it?

you want to prepare content which will prove to be attractive for
search engines, first of all remember about their uniqueness. Modern
search engines mainly favor websites with content that has not been
published anywhere else.

copy, create

The originality of the content concerns both its presence in several places within the site (e.g. the same offer content available at several addresses), as well as copying content from external sources (e.g. competitors, producer websites or social media).

Websites containing numerous copies of the text struggle with the so-called duplicate content). Their position is being downgraded by search engines - considered to be of no value.

The so-called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is designed to eliminate this problem. Much depends on the scale of the problem, but it can be quite effective. It is worth keeping this in mind also from the point of view of creating a completely new website for your facility.

8 things you should keep in mind when you order a hotel web page


selected keywords

When improving the visibility of the site in search engines, be aware of the search phrases you want to be visible under. Their choice is not always obvious. Remember that for the hotel industry it is most recommended to prepare content based on specific expressions indicating the geographical location of the facility or a specific element of the offer.

A good example of a detailed phrase under which it is worthwhile to optimise your content is, for example, "a spa hotel with a swimming pool in Sopot". It is a type of expression that is entered into the search engine by a person with specific requirements for the facility they are searching for (both in terms of its offer and location).

The possibility that the searcher will book a stay in your hotel is then much higher than in the case of a general phrase such as "spa hotel".

to present the content?

For search engines, it is not only the presence of optimized text on the website that is important, but also its location. It is worth making sure that the text is available to both search engine algorithms and users.

content or presenting divergent versions for search engine robots and
visitors is punished by algorithms, i.e. it negatively affects


The mobile version is also crucial. Recent updates in the way the algorithms work have assigned particular importance to the proper functioning of websites on mobile devices.

Similarly as it is the case with the computer version, the mobile website should provide a seamless presentation of the text on the page - both visually (presence on the page) and technically.

The pages should present the content in a visible way on each type of device:



"Successive market trends show that guests are spending more and more time using their smartphones. Browsing the mail, checking the world news or planning a holiday are activities that we undertake with increasing frequency. The hotel's website browsing is also accompanied by an increase in transactions made from mobile devices - year on year it is approx. 35%. Therefore, make sure that the offer of your facility is clear for smartphone and tablet users". Read the whole article


It is also important to include subheadings in the published texts. The subheadings are a series of H1-H6 type headers, which diversify the content and allow for its division in terms of importance.

It is a perfect place to include positioned key phrases and to diversify content visually. When using this type of tags you should follow the guidelines recommended by the search engine algorithms - exactly one H1 type header, the other headers according to the hierarchy - H2, H3, H4.

The header structure on the page should be hierarchical and resemble a tree. Each header of a given row shall have one higher-order header assigned above it. At the very top of the structure there is always a common H1 type header

header structure on the page should be hierarchical and resemble a
tree. Each header of a given row shall have one higher-order header
assigned above it. At the very top of the structure there is always a
common H1 type header.

optimization - do it reasonably

When preparing new content for the website, remember that it should not be adjusted only to the needs of search engine algorithms. The target recipient of the text should always be another person who, for example, looking for information about your facility's offer, is visiting your website.

The inclusion of key phrases in the text should never obscure the substantive value of the text. You should definitely stick to clear, transparent language that is understandable to the visitor.

is also acceptable to use strategies aimed at increasing clicks
within the site - call-to-action expressions and links from the
content to other resources of the site are recommended, provided that
they are not used in excessive amounts.

Content optimization for search engines is a complex process that can significantly affect the visibility of a website in search engines. Properly optimized text on the website not only gives the chance to appear on higher positions in search engines but also allows to stand out from the competition.

optimized content makes it easier for other SEO factors to achieve
the full effect - which, taking into account the specifics of
optimization activities, is definitely worth the extra effort.

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