Attractive payment and cancellation conditions for guests booking on arrival day


Last-minute conditions are a new feature in the Profitroom Suite that will improve the sale of the last free rooms on the hotel's website. 

The functionality is designed for hotels that have the following types of offers:

  • Price of the day for reservations with flexible booking conditions
  • Non-refundable price, for reservations paid for the whole stay in advance and without the possibility of cancellation

By activating the last-minute conditions for a non-refundable offer, on the current day we can present our guests with a lower price for a stay with flexible booking conditions. Guests who choose to make a reservation for one night on the current day will not have to make an advance payment or provide credit card information. They will also be able to make a free cancellation at any time.

At the end of the day the probability of selling the last free rooms decreases, which is why  it is worth to take the risk and sell your room with the possibility of free cancellation.

Why should you activate the last-minute conditions?

With the new feature you will increase the chance of selling your last free rooms. The following aspects will contribute to the increase:

  1. An attractive offer. You can encourage guests to book your rooms by offering the lowest price without having to make an advance payment or providing credit card information, with the possibility of cancellation at any time.
  2. Competitive conditions for booking portals. If you have used similar features before on such booking sites as Booking or Expedia, you can now offer your guests equally attractive conditions directly through the booking system.
  3. Faster booking on mobile devices. People who are on the go most often look for accommodation offers on mobile devices. The lack of necessity to make online transfers or to provide credit card details makes it much easier to book on a smartphone or a tablet.

How to activate the last-minute Conditions?

Log into the Suite Profitroom. From the menu, select Sales management, and then Offers. A list of your active offers will be displayed. Click on an offer from the list or create a new offer. Put a checkmark in the last-minute Conditions box.

You can also customize your last-minute conditions settings to suit your needs. You decide how much in advance or for which room availability it will be activated. To access the settings, select the Settings menu, then Booking engine > Booking conditions > last-minute conditions. 

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Filip Warguła, Product Owner