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The Northern Lights Village - A unique resort experience for everyone


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Working together for almost a year, Northern Lights Villages and Profitroom were able to grow their direct business in each of their target segments despite covid.

This was achieved through a powerful combination of our conversion-led booking engine and a targeted approach to the customer online booking journey to generate more direct bookings directly via the website.

We have had the pleasure of working with The Northern lights Villages across a wide range of direct booking technology, digital and creative marketing, including, websites, metsearch and booking engine.

Working collaboratively with Northern Lights Villages we have been able to drive a 55% increase in (ARR) Average Room Rate and a 52% increase in (ABV) Average Booking Value compared to OTA bookings.

  • 55% increase in ARR
  • 52% increase in ABV

The Challenge

The Northern Lights Village required a new website that could be found easily online and would effectively showcase the brand and all of the offers and experiences available and convery the personality of the two properties. Their previous booking engine did not achieve a high conversion rate due to many factors including offering a poor online booking experience. 

The two distinct North Lights Villages offer a wide range of unique and exciting guest experiences and offers that needed to be repositioned to showcase the brand to the prospective guest to encourage them to book and also be on brand.

The Northern Lights Village Saariselkä and Levi

The Northern Lights Villages in Saariselkä, and Levi, Finland offers guests a truly remarkable amount of carefully crafted seasonal experiences to appeal to each of their target segments.

These unique experiences allow their guests to switch off and fully immerse themselves into the pristine nature and beauty of Lapland, under the green glow of the magical Northern Lights.

In the winter season for example, guests can enjoy Aurora Hunting by snowmobile, heated sleigh, snowshoe, or go on a reindeer safari.

In the Summer guests can enjoy 24 hour daylight in June to early July and offers include; a Midnight Sun break where guests can enjoy hiking and canoeing.

Their accommodation includes glass-roof Aurora Cabins which offer a unique way for guests to experience the starry sky and Northern Lights. Each cabin features laser-heated glass roofs directly above the king-sized beds affording guests a panoramic view of the mesmerising arctic skies. 

The Solution - New Brand Websites

The Northern Lights Village, Saariselka and The Northern Lights Village, Levi.

The user-friendly navigation of well-curated content in all the right touch-points along the customers online journey makes it easier for them to anticipate and imagine a stay. The new custom built and designed website focuses upon all of the types of experiences and offers guests can enjoy through the year as the seasons change that appeals to the domestic and international market.

Making Booking Easy on the NEW brand website

The Northern Lights village are benefiting from having a conversion-led website that is intuitive, mobile-friendly, with clear call to actions such as ‘book now.’ We provided a custom-designed website to further elevate the brand and showcase their experiences.

We enhanced the customer experience online and also provided 3 routes of entry into the booking engine. With subtle conversion tools to obtain data and increase conversions and upsells at each point of the online customer journey.

The user-friendly navigation of well-curated content in all the right touch-points along the customers journey makes it easier for them to anticipate and imagine a stay.

Integrated Digital Marketing Services

We also provide an integrated approach to digital marketing services including metasearch. Advertising via hotel meta search engines has enabled Northern Lights Village to reach more potential direct bookers, as many prospective guests turn to these online portals before making a booking in order to compare reviews, prices and offers.


“We love the flexibility of the system as we offer rather a lot of complex experience-led offers and packages. Given the flexibility of the platform, we were able to create a super clean, highly on brand setup, whilst at the same time being able to offer to our guests everything we want and moreover, just the way we want it. It’s so easy to use, now maintaining rates, availability and restrictions is just a breeze.

The team at Profitroom have gone above and beyond to meet our requirements. Having moved from another provider to Profitroom, we're now saving an enormous amount of time. In my opinion, look no further if you need a powerful Booking Engine packed full of conversion-led features, yet very easy to use. The look and feel of the Profitroom suite is amazing! I'm not just saying it. Seriously, it's mind blowing!”

André Henke Marques - General Manager - Northern Lights Village

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