Marburger Hof Hotel and its patent for success

Modern tools, experts, great cooperation and, above all, the decision to use the opportunities offered by automation led to a 50% increase in the number of direct bookings at the Marburger Hof Hotel. Discover the success story of the urban hotel from the city centre of Marburg.

Marburger Hof’s website is a winner of four prestigious international awards. It delighted specialists from all over the world and most importantly, it made such a remarkable impression on its visitors, that within 2 years of the website-relaunch, hotel revenue increased by over 50%!

This only was possible because our cooperation with Marburger Hof was not only about creating a modern website...

A comprehensive package from Profitroom

In the era of growing online reservations and the increasing popularity of using mobile devices, the hotel website should not only be an online business card. Guests expect to be able to easily book a stay online. Therefore, hotels require solutions that will grant easy and quick reservation, and which allow reaching potential guests.

Profitroom Websites + Proftroom Channel Manager + Profitroom Booking Engine + Profitroom Marketing Services. This is a comprehensive package of solutions and services that makes Marburger Hof currently extremely successful.

Check out the details of this story:

“We’ve even had months in which we generated over 100% more room nights compared to what it was with our previous provider. As a result, the bookings that we received via the OTAs have been significantly reduced, which we are of course very happy about” - says Michaela Richter, managing director of the Hotel Marburger Hof.

People still matter

Our cooperation with the Marburger Hof Hotel began at ITB - The World’s Leading Travel Trade Show. After that, we visited the hotel to present our proposal about the website creation and to align it with the vision and wishes of the hotel.

Subsequently, several teams of specialists were involved in achieving the success of creating Marburger Hof's award-winning website - from graphic designers, project managers and e-marketing specialists to the Customer Success Team and many more.

Thanks to the dedicated Account Manager and continuous marketing campaigns, constant contact with the Marburger Hof Hotel is being maintained.

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