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Modern, multi-seasons website of the mountain resort

for Hotel Klimczok

Located in picturesque Szczyrk at the foot of the Klimczok mountain top, Hotel Klimczok is the perfect getaway destination for families of all sizes. Regardless of the time of year, the complex offers guests, both young and old, a wide range of activities and amenities. But what truly sets Hotel Klimczok apart most are its thermal springs, pools, saunas and a biological rejuvenation center. What’s more, the hotel is also a busy conference center that is equipped with a total of nine modern conference room.

Key Characteristics:

  • Picturesque location
  • Wide range of amenities for families
  • Comprehensive complex of pools and saunas
  • A one of a kind biological rejuvenation center
  • High class conference center

Working on Hotel Klimczok’s website was an interesting experience for our team, as this was the first time we had gone into a project focused solely on content. Each section was custom designed based on what information was to be found in it. And this approach allowed for far reaching simplification and minimization of the final blueprint, as well as for making the final product much more effective in terms of sales. All in all, a perfect and functional combination.

Waldemar Antonowicz, R&D Director


Getting to know our client's needs is the first step in every successful project

Before beginning work on a project, it is always crucial to interview a new client. A briefing conducted on location went a long way in helping us understand the business model, overall atmosphere and expectations of Hotel Klimczok. In short, many years of experience in the hospitality industry combined with a little know how on our side helped in the creation of a website that delivers a maximum amount of information in a highly original and intuitive manner.


A clear message & overall vibe

We first and foremost focused on ensuring that the hotel's mainpage was transparent and easy to use, all the while staying true to the venue's unique atmosphere. High quality design, visual details and solid code are apparant to anyone who lays eyes on the website. Photos and multimedia elements allow for anyone to be a virtual guest at the hotel, which lures everyone with its many attractions and its picturesque location.

Modern Menu

Mobile First Challenge

By placing the menu on the right hand side of the page, the most important sales elements became the main focus of the page. All remaining information was placed in the 'Get to Know the Hotel' section. What's more, the menu runs very smoothly on mobile devices, and it is highly recommended that users use their right thumb to navigate the page.


A Project for All Seasons

Users can change seasons on the page, meaning that they can change the layout to match the weather outside their windows. And thanks to this function, users can check what the hotel offers guests during any given season. Providing up to date information and giving a small tase of overall atmosphere of a guest's stay undoubtedly has a positive influence on sales figures.


Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z nagraniem wideo, na którym Dyrektor ds. rozwoju firmy Profitroom, Waldemar Antonowicz opowiada o realizacji projektu strony Hotelu Klimczok.

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