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Brand refresh for Hotel Crocus in the foothills of the Tatras

for Hotel Crocus

Distinguishing yourself from the competition in a saturated market like Podhale is no easy feat. For most average clients, every hotel is a lot like others, so when faced with too much to choice, low rates often become a deciding factor. But that is hardly ever the case when talking about Hotel Crocus in Zakopane.

The opening of the hotel was literally a breath of fresh air for the region and its modern architecture set it apart from all other hotels in Podhale.

A few years went by and….Crocus lost a bit of its original charm, and the majority of bookings came by way of intermediaries.

We were invited to a briefing by the hotel’s director, Marcin Komoniewski. During our visit to Zakopane, we analyzed who the hotel’s target audience was together with the client. We also thought long and hard about its biggest attributes. What we wanted most was to find one distinguishing factor that no other luxurious hotel in Podhale had. We decided to put our money on location. Situated near the entrance to Tatra National Park close to the cable railway to Kasprowy Wierch, the locale is without a doubt what truly makes the hotel special.

Marcin Dragan, dyrektor zarządzający Profitroom

How we helped

In Hotel Crocus’ new and improved marketing communication (which includes a newly launched website we shifted the focus from addressing travelers who enjoy coming to Zakopane to those who go south to visit the Tatra Mountains.

Such visitors are the ones who choose the toughest mountain paths in the summer, while in the winter consider the slopes of Kasprowy Wierch to be the one and place for skiing in the Polish mountains.

At the same time, the said visitors want to relax in comfortable surroundings with many an amenity to choose from (ie. Spa / Wellness) and some fine dining. And it was this concept that we packaged into the ‘Modern and Luxurious Gate of the Tatras’ slogan.

Key Characteristics:

  • Proximity to Tatra National Park,
  • Genuine and modern decor,
  • Luxurious and spacious interior,
  • Wide range of alpine events,
  • Original cuisine.


For starters, we decided to show things the way they are, thus we flooded the site with pictures of the hotel surrounded by mountains…


… we also did not forget about adding some photos of the interior, which combines modern ammenities with alpine naturalness.


…oh, and a few of the hotel’s surroundings were also included…


Because the hotel offers a plethora of alpine events, we decided to add a sliding widget  so as to feature the Exclusive section as much as possible. Thanks to this, we were also able to add such attractions as electric bikes (the only ones in Zakopane) and a few events for motorcycle riders.


Hotel Crocus’ relatively large rooms make an appearance not only in the form of large and well featured photos, but also in data that is to be found on the main page.

The Chef

We decided to present the hotel’s original and one of a kind food by introducing its chef, Daniel Bzdyk. Potential visitors can get to know the restaurant by browsing through both a photo gallery of dishes and one of its 3 menus.

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