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Compelling website of a magical hotel

for Dolina Charlotty

Dolina Charlotty Resort & SPA is a holiday and conference center located along Zamełowski Lake. The hotel offers a unique range of attractions. These include: a Balanese spa, an amphitheater (where, among others, Carlos Santana has performed), a zoo, a seal center and an aquatic safari. What makes the hotel even more unique is its surrounding that include a picturesque lake, forests and meadows where horses from local stables graze. Dolina Charlotty is highly recomended to everyone who enjoys unique and unforgettable experiences in relaxing and natural surroundings.

Key Characteristics:

  • A wide range of attractions
  • A zoo, seal center and Balanese SPA
  • Concerts and festivals organized on a regular basis
  • Total area of 1 000 000 m2
  • Charming location


Zwiększanie zysków podstawą współpracy

Z Hotelem Dolina Charlotty współpracujemy również ściśle w zakresie Revenue Mangementu. Nasi Specjaliści stale doradzają rozwiązania mające na celu maksymalizację przychodów. Współczesny Revenue Management jest coraz ściślej związany z eCommerce i marketingiem. Profitroom dostarcza szereg narzędzi oraz wsparcie merytoryczne, by Hotel Dolina Charlotty stale optymalizował przychody i koszty dystrybucji.


Expanded Offer in a Nutshell

Doliny Charlotty's offer is uncannily wide. Our aim was to provide all possible information to potential guests in comprehensive fashion. We focused not only on the content of the webpage, but also on conveying information by way of iconography, attractive photos and professional videos. All of the aforementioned methods allow users to get to know the hotel very well, without the hassle of reading too much.


Video Message

An animation presenting the vast area of Dolina Charlotty was embedded on the webiste. The same method was used to present the complex's biggest attraction, namely the seal center and zoo. Thanks to this solution, the site is undoubtedly modern and is very successful in getting its message across.

Interactive Map

Find Your Way

Due to the high volume of attractions offered to guests by Dolina Charlotty, we decided to make things a little easier for users. The interactive map embedded on the website shows visitors exactly where a given attraction is located, at the same time giving a general idea of the layout of the vast area in an easy on the eye way.


Optimizing the Message

There are many subpages on Dolina Charlotty's website. And to make the site easier to navigate for users, we decided to embed a cutting edge navigation menu. Despite it being full screen, it also works perfectly on mobile devices.

Active Marketing

A Path to Intensifying Sales

In order to positively influence the hotel's sales results, Profitroom also offers Dolina Charlotty online marketing advice. Active marketing via a custom AdWords and banner campaigns, remarketing as well as general marketing tools were implemented in orfer to boost interest in the brand, the result of which is a higher amount of bookings.

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