27.07.21 /

Copernicus Toruń Hotel wins in Summit Creative Awards 2017!

Good news spread fast! The Copernicus Torun Hotel’s website was awarded the first place in the prestigious Summit Creative Awards contest as the best web page in the Travel/Tourism/Nature Website. The main inspiration for the the name of the hotel was the world famous Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. He was born in Torun and is the main symbol of this UNESCO heritage listed city. Our company decided to base the idea of the project on the story of the astronomer who “stopped the sun and put Earth in motion”. The main theme of the layout is inspired by the solar system and the star constellations.   This year’s Summit Creative Awards attracted 5000 entries from 24 countries. It makes us even prouder to be able to win this prestigious award   If you want to learn more about the success story of the Copernicus Torun Hotel read more under the link below: If you would like to see the website for yourselves, please go to:  

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