Up your brand awareness on Social Media

We help hoteliers of leisure hotels and resorts to step up their Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram. Not only does it increase guest engagement but direct sales too. Already social media ads on a budget will boost your brand online, influence booking decisions and convert visitors into customers.


Simply more connections

An average user spends more than 2 hours per day on Social Media. Make sure they spend some of this time with you too. Complement well-run social media channels with paid ads to engage more potential customers.


Facebook & Instagram Ads

The advanced ad manager and paid ads allow you to reach a specific target group based on demographics, interests, or media activity, increasing the likelihood to convert.

LinkedIn Marketing

If your hotel offer targets the MICE segment, LinkedIn will help you advertise to a target group with set parameters like industry, size of the company and job position.

Static remarketing

Standard remarketing will display a set of static banners to users who have already visited your website, reminding them of your hotel’s offer.

Dynamic remarketing

Conquer a wider audience on Facebook & Instagram with fully automated ads. The tracking code placed in the booking engine will allow us to display ads tailored to the individual user. Content, graphic and price change depending on the modification in the Booking Engine.