Accelerate your direct booking performance with SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of every hotel’s Digital Marketing strategy. Successfully executed it increases website traffic, helps your hotel to stand out in the highly competitive online landscape and boosts your direct booking performance.


Outrank your competition

By collaborating with us you benefit from a long-term partnership with one of our certified SEO specialists, ensuring all implemented measures achieve clear results. A result-driven strategy will help you increase brand awareness, fortify your digital footprint, improve mobile conversion and ultimately your direct booking performance.


A strategy tailored to your property

Every project offer is prepared based on a complex analysis of the website's Status Quo. We prepare individual suggestions of keywords that hold the most potential to increase organic traffic to your domain.

Highly reactive to industry measures

For over a decade we have specialised in hotel websites, meaning we always know when the Google algorithm is updated for this very specific niche market and we quickly react to maintain a successful performance with emerging trends.

Quality and long-term success

We use only white hat SEO - this means no short-term solution that can negatively affect your website in the future. We acquire only good quality links and most importantly never delete them.

Fully secure

We only use SEO tactics accepted by Google, in order to ensure your website’s safety.

How it works

How we prepare your website for success


Step 1: Audit of your website

We search for potential improvements and share our optimization proposal in an audit document for your approval.

Step 2: Onsite optimisation

Once you accept the suggested modifications, we will implement them on your website and prepare it for further actions.

Step 3: Link-building campaigns

Once we have optimized your website, we reach out to external websites to acquire links to your domain. It builds the value of your website and increases your ranking in Google.

Step 4: Analysis and report

We analyze the results of our campaigns and adjust them accordingly. You’ll receive monthly reports containing the keyword positioning as well as crucial analytics data.