Be visible on the #1 search engine for travelers

Build traffic on your website and convert lookers into bookers. React quickly to trends in the Search Engine and increase your brand awareness online with banner ads.


Reach your guests on every step of their booking journey

Search campaigns will allow you to react to user searches while display campaigns will broaden the awareness of your brand. Combine both with dynamic remarketing to accompany your audience every step of the way in their purchasing decision quickly and effectively.


Search - seasonal keywords

Get valuable traffic faster than your competitors. Ad is only displayed to users who are looking for a hotel or offers related to a given season, e.g. summer holiday, Christmas, winter.

Display - new audience

Banners are displayed across the entire Google advertising network. The target group may be users with interests related to the hotel offer, visitors to websites on a selected topic or users that google has assigned to an interested group for travel.

Display - static remarketing

The goal is to remind guests of your hotel’s brand and offer. The tracking code placed on the website will allow us to display a set of standard banners in different sizes to the users who have already visited your website.

Display - dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing is the secret weapon of the world's largest e-commerce - use it in your hotel. The tracking code placed in the booking engine will allow us to display ads tailored to the individual user. The content, photo and price change depending on the modification in the Profitroom Booking Engine.