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Marketing online

Let people find you!

Advanced means of promotion

Individually adapted for each hotel

Depending on your budget and tools you want to use, you may choose the following packages:

  • Standard
  • Comfort
  • Superior
  • Ultimate

Each package allows us to reach your potential customers and measure the effectiveness of the campaign which, in turn, ensures the best possible use of your budget.

Why is it worth working with Profitoom?

We know the nature of the industry

We have a joint objective and we understand your method of operation

We have been running campaigns only for hotels and hotel chains for 9 years. We have experience in promoting offers and packages for visitors. We individually adapt the marketing campaign to each customer and we optimize it for the current trends. We know how to generate additional bookings and profit. Simply more bookings!

We optimize sales

We create consistent marketing strategies

Taking into account the nature of the tourist industry: variable seasons, advance booking, the long purchase process, we know how important it is to have an action plan that includes these variables.

We measure and report

We analyze the effectiveness

If you are using our Upper BE booking system, we are able to precisely measure the conversion of the campaign. Choose hard data. If not, this is not a problem. We always analyze data in detail and draw conclusions from the campaign. That is why your advertisements are even more effective and reach your potential customers.

Suggested types of promotion:

Google Hotel Ads

Be a step ahead

  • Display the advertisement and enable booking directly from the Google search engine (in Google Maps or the Google Business Card)
  • Be ahead of your competitors who still do not have Hotel Ad. Profitroom manages the campaign and cares for the constant transmission of prices and availability, the booking service
  • Conduct settlements in the CPC model where the average rate per click is USD 0.8, and the maximum rate is USD 1.5
  • Sell directly and limit the OTA cost.

Metasearch Ads - Trivago

Use the wide reach of the service and sell directly through Trivago!

  • Reduce the cost of intermediaries
    Sell directly and reduce the cost of obtaining reservations via OTA.
  • More traffic, more bookings
    Display customized ads in the search engine and gain valuable response.
  • Competitive edge
    Get ahead of your competitors who do not yet have active campaigns in Trivago.
  • Automated operation
    We manage campaigns, while the prices, availability and full content are automatically downloaded.
  • Full transparency of campaign results
    Take advantage of the CPC model - you decide how much you invest in the campaigns.

Brand protection

Absolute minimum for a strong hotel brand

Display the hotel's advertisement in Google with branding phrases, type "Profitroom hotel" above the results for OTA agents who, in a way, "prey" on the hotel's brand. This form of advertisement provides the best conversion because it catches the attention of people who already know the brand of a given hotel.

This campaign may be expected to increase the number of direct bookings. As a result, the hotel will save even up to 15% on commissions for bookings.

AdWords in the search engine

Sponsored links in Google

You gain an immediate effect in the form of increased traffic on the website:

  • Your hotel is visible on the first page in the search engine
  • You advertise just as you want and you may modify it at any moment
  • You invest only as much as you want now
  • You may fully analyze the effects

YouTube advertising

Inspire your customers

  • The second most popular search engine
  • Strengthening the image
  • More than 16.2 million users in Poland
  • The instream advertising is displayed before, during and after the video

Banner advertising

Show your brand and inspire

Why is it worth displaying the hotel's advertisement in the Google advertising network?

  • High effectiveness as compared to costs
  • Displaying banners in the entire advertising network free of charge
  • Possibility to reach a wide group of recipients
  • Determine the advertising budget on your own
  • Respond to the demand and create new needs of Customers


Advertise wherever your customers are

  • Precise targeting
  • Use one of the most popular channels
  • Reach customers who visited our website
  • Visually attractive advertisements with the use of offer carousels, slides, videos


An effective tool for direct bookings from metasearch engines

  • Acquisition of guests from people browsing the hotel's profile on the website
  • Campaigns in TripAdvisor send people directly to the hotel's booking system
  • The advertisement will be displayed only when rooms for the desired date are available
  • You pay only if the user clicks the advertisement


Method of increasing the conversion rate

The advertisement in its graphic form is displayed in the Google advertising network to potential customers who visited the hotel's website earlier. It is possible to:

  • Strengthen the effects of all advertising campaigns
  • Increase the return from the investment in marketing
  • Increase returning traffic to the website
  • Reach people who visited the hotel's website again

Supplementary forms of AdWords advertising


Advertising in the Gmail mailbox (Google Sponsored Promotions)

  • Reaching a wide group of recipients while keeping costs low
  • The campaign may be either branding or a sales campaign
  • Directing according to key words shown in e-mails to Gmail users
  • Reaching selected groups, e.g. Premium guests, on the basis of e-mail address lists


Remarketing campaign in the search engine

  • It makes it possible to reach appropriate recipients with a specific message
  • Reaching users when they are searching for a specific offer, recovering traffic
  • Better visibility of the advertisements in the search engine
  • Increasing the range of the campaign


Advertising in the search network with an extension to the advertising network

  • Your advertisements may be displayed when users search for entries in Google corresponding to your key words
  • The synergy of two communication channels
  • Increasing the range of the conducted campaign
  • Directing advertisements in the advertising network in a more precise manner higher CTR and ROI rates

Other new forms of advertising introduced by Google


For 9 years we have been creating strong hotel brands. In this time we have gained a lot of experience that enables us to select sales and marketing tools that fit into specifics of a given property.

Milena Kurek, Certified Google Analytics and Google Adwords Specialist
You are in the right place! We will contact you to discuss your hotel's needs.
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Select the subjects of your interest:
Profitroom Booking Engine
Profitroom Channel Manager
Profitroom Websites
Profitroom Marketing Services
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