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Google Hotel Ads

Increase your direct bookings

Hotel Ads?

Advertisement suited for hotels

Google Hotel Ads is an official name of a product defined as an advertising solution for hotel facilities, thanks to which they may promote themselves directly via Google services. This solution allows to promote in them.

Hotel Ads brings website traffic and increases the number of reservations thanks to a reservation system. An advertisement can be addressed to receivers who are about to make a purchase. It appears only if a given room is available for selected dates of arrival and departure so that the receivers will not use the budget for a campaign when room reservation is impossible.


We are official partner of Google Hotel Ads. In September 2015, Profitroom obtained the status of an official Google partner specialising in hotel advertisements. Since then we have been verifying their efficiency and improving the methods of displaying such advertising formats online in order to ensure the best-quality solution.

Milena Kurek, Account Manager


Main benefits of Google Ads for hotels

    Show a suitable advertisement in Google services and acquire valuable receivers;
    Sell directly and limit OTA costs.
    You can outstrip your competition which hasn’t used Hotel Ads application yet.
    Profitroom manages the campaign; fees, availability and the whole content are charged automatically.
    Make your payments in CPC model; the average cost per click amounts to 0,8$, and the maximum cost does not exceed 1,5$.

Direct sales support

Thanks to Google Hotel Ads, many hotel facilities may note a significant increase in direct sales. Google Hotel Ads redirect website traffic from Google right to your reservation system, which lets them convert the traffic efficiently. This limits the costs relating to agency services and improves brand awareness.

Marek Kaczmarek, Product Marketing Manager

Visualisation od advertising formats

How a Hotel Ads advertisement provided by Profitroom is displayed

Organic search results

viewing your business card in the search engine

It is possible to make a direct reservation clicking in “Official hotel website” button by visiting a “Book a room” section.

Once the business card has been shown on screen, the user may go directly to the online reservation system, which facilitates the purchasing process.

Mobile devices

first screen of the user interface

Search results connected with Google Hotel Ads are shown on a big part of the first screen and they are presented to the user once he has entered a phrase relating to his stay at a hotel or in a suite. They are viewed on a map and their detailed presentation is available below.

In the era of mobile devices, such a form of advertisement is worth implementing as the user sees only search results referring to AdWords and Hotel Ads on the first screen.

Google Maps

Location search on a map

Looking for a hotel or suite in a desired location is getting more and more common. Users turn to Google maps and they often go through accessible offers.

Thanks to Google Hotel Ads, your offer can be available to the user scrolling through a given Google map. This may convince him to make his final buying decision.

How to take your first step?

It’s not rocket science and it won’t take long!

  • You don’t have to conclude a contract - making regular payments is enough to activate your advertisement,
  • Upper BE connection is a necessity - this lets us send all necessary data as well as offer specification to Google,
  • We activate your advertisement immediately once we’ve received your payment, the advertisement becomes visible,
  • We supervise and optimise your campaign and you follow Google Analytics,
  • We prepare reports on search results and inform you about the outcomes of you campaign.

In this moment, Google Hotel Ads is an exclusive service that cannot be used by any facility independently. Integrated partners, such as Profitroom, take all necessary measures for its customers with the aid of a single collective panel.

The position of your advertisement in search results depends on two factors: the amount of CPC (included in this model) and (in simple terms) the results of advertising quality, which is for the most part determined by the cost of accommodation for a given date.

Profitroom can also configurate the maximum cost per click in two different ways: by deducting a given percent value from the entire reservation cost or by setting a regular cost per click for each hotel’s room night.

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You are in the right place! We will contact you to discuss your hotel's needs.
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Select the subjects of your interest:
Booking Engine
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