Staff Shortages | How Can We Save You Time and Money?

Staff Shortages: person ringing bell in hotel

The technology we have at our fingertips in the hospitality industry is critical for successful hotel operations. 

Given the recent workforce shortages, streamlining the day-to-day operations and making full use of the technology available is a real game changer, especially when it can strengthen guest relationships and increase your direct bookings. 

Let’s take a closer look at how utilising technology can maximise the efficiency of your operations:

Having the Right Technology

The hospitality industry is currently facing a staff shortage crisis, meaning there has never been a better time to invest in technology to ease the pressure.

Our award-winning Profitroom platform is more than just a highly converting booking engine on the market - it's a powerful marketing automation tool, advanced channel manager and website builder all in one. It’s easy to use across multiple properties and your team will love the intuitive interface, no matter their experience level.

Here's how our solutions can help you and your team:

  • Reduce the errors that can occur from manual updates. Manage your bookings in real time across all online channels. 
  • No need to deal with every cancellation. Allow guests to handle their own cancellations and offer them vouchers as alternative
  • Save your reservations team time. Use personalised stay offers - an automated, highly converting way of sending personalised stay proposals. Your team will be able to send a customised stay offer within minutes, allowing guests to complete the booking online by themselves. This is a great feature to drive efficiency within the team, drive direct bookings and conversion, but also upsell!
  • Stop scrambling to find guest preferences and stay history for personalised messaging. Our solutions provide the complete guest history and preferences in one place and our Marketing Automation helps to prepare frequent and tailored guest communications. 
  • Have to manually entice different audiences to book? Our system facilitates purchase intent triggers, such as discounts via newsletters or vouchers.

Selling across properties but doing so one-by-one? Our solution enables you to sell across multiple properties, offers alternative availability, increases your visibility online with various offers and packages AND provides reliable reporting to hasten your decision making.

Upsell With Ease

Upselling and cross-selling is a great way for you to showcase your services and products and to boost the revenue across different departments.

Guests are looking for unique experiences - so give them that yourselves, without relying on OTAs or discount voucher sites. Utilising our Booking Engine 360 for this will mean your staff are free to manage the other tasks at hand.

  • Set up different add-ons in advance for different room categories (e.g. Champagne for the suite bookers and Prosecco for the standard rooms) or different pricing for different children’s ages and so on to add revenue. 
  • Automate your personalised offers and packages. Get packages and extras set up to boost your ancillary services sales. This is a great advantage against OTAs which solely are focusing on selling rooms

After just four weeks we saw the highest ever sales of our packages/ experiences and drastically reduced our level of B&Bs at the same time. Despite the short timeframe, our direct business has already risen by over twenty percent to over 60 percent.’

Adam Reeves - Chief Executive Officer The Robert Parker Hotel Collection

  • Post-stay automated messages with special offers and discounts to foster long-term guest relations and boost repeat bookings

Power Up Your Guest Communications, and Save Time

Hotel staff often have to manage multiple tasks at a time, particularly during their peak hours. This can result in missed opportunities for bookings, or important tasks falling short where staff are preoccupied.

So, setting up our Profitroom Marketing Automation and personalisation can not only add value, it allows you to maintain contact with your guests, to upsell, and most importantly - save your team time. Here’s how:

  • Recapture OTA bookings by automatically unlocking guest emails
  • Segment your database for personalised communications and tailored offers, newsletters or campaigns aligned to the guest’s preferences.

We receive a lot of generic enquiries for our website from people that are looking for something a bit more unique. The 'personalised offers' functionality allows us to tailor and personalise the stay proposals that we send, while reducing the amount of calls and emails and making the team more efficient.’ 

Richard Amlot, Reservations Manager at Port Lympne

  • Detailed reporting on marketing efforts and calculates ROI
  • Personalised campaigns, made easy
  • Automated guest database management 
  • Recurring campaigns to save up even more time 

Our analysis shows that a hotel with an average ADR of £200 and an average stay of two nights needs to add just 12,000 new contacts to its database to drive £100k in revenue per year. 

It’s All About Omni-Channel Distribution

Say goodbye to missing out on potential guests or lost revenue and save precious time by centralising the daily updating of your inventory across all online distribution channels.

Our Channel Manager enables efficient management of cross-channel online sales and includes unique tools like flexible occupancy rate management, integration to any channel, and self mapping functionalities. 

Boost Direct Bookings and Save Time

Conversion-led and easy-to-navigate websites that are seamlessly integrated with an advanced booking platform is the ultimate power combination enabling unrivalled direct booking results. With the right ones, they can make you money and save you time. 

Our award-winning Profitroom platform is more than just the highest converting booking engine on the market - it's a powerful marketing automation tool, advanced channel manager and website builder all in one. It’s easy to use across multiple properties and your team will love the intuitive interface, no matter their experience level.

Simplify your hotel operations and supercharge your direct bookings now.

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Jane Young, Marketing Manager