Improve your guests booking experience

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Complex, disjointed, text heavy booking journeys put people off - there's no doubt about that. We've all been there.

The industry average rate for abandoned cart is 75% - all of that is revenue slipping away from your website! We have to adjust, and conquer as the consumer's mentality is "I want things now, quickly and easily" and unless you're able to deliver that to your online booker, you'll miss out on additional revenue.

We've all been in this scenario - you go onto a hotel website to book your stay.

The discount code.

First, they ask if you would like a cheeky discount.

Oooh yes, of course, a few pounds off would really help right now. So you pop in your email what? Most of the time you have to:

...leave the page

...login to your emails

...get the code

...go back to the hotel website

...input that code.

Already you are starting to lose interest.

No availability. No availability. No availability.

So you've gone through the effort to get the discount. It will be worth it (so you think). You continue the booking journey, discount code added, you input your travel dates, and click search with excitement - only to see “there is no availability on your chosen dates”.

Now what? - you select the following weekend... click search... “No availability on your chosen dates”.

Excitement disappears and frustration begins. You have work to get on with, you have to pick the kids up from school soon, and you can feel the anxiety kicking in, you just don't have time for this! So, you leave with a promise of having a look again tonight once the kids are in bed and you have time. But, of course, you don't.

Does this feel and sound familiar? We know it does!

The reality.

We all know what actually happens the following day.

Your potential customer finds a different hotel, a hotel with a Profitroom Booking Engine. Discount offer for a newsletter sign-up delivered directly on the page without the need to leave the page - this is a great start.

They enter their preferred dates and “Oh no! They don't have availability either!”

But wait there's an alternative room type available for those exact dates, it's a bit more expensive, but it looks incredible, so… they book it.

Thanks to our Profitrooms Booking Engine which gave them an alternative option, it was quick, easy, hassle-free, and most importantly it didn't leave them frustrated at your hotel.

Keep them happy.

This is just one of the functionalities of our Profitroom's Booking Engine, designed to ensure that your guests have a simple, seamless and quick booking journey, never having to leave your site or deal with the dreaded “sorry, there is no availability on your chosen dates” message and that feeling of irritation.

Have we convinced you? If you want to see what other functionalities make us the highest converting booking engine on the market, contact our sales team today!