A new Stay Opportunities report is an opportunity to motivate employees

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Motivating is a big challenge for every manager. Are you wondering how to effectively engage employees? Meet the tool that will help you motivate your staff and find out which the sale method works best in your facility.

It will not be a revelation when we say that the hotel earns money on bookings. A stay at a hotel is the main "product" offered by the object. In other industries, the sales representative often receives profits for effective customer allocation and product sales. And how is the hotel?

Your employees are your sales reports

All employees can effectively participate in the sales process. Therefore, nothing prevents them from receiving a commission on a successful transaction, which is a direct booking. What you need to successfully implement such a process is an appropriate tool to support the work of both parties.

Profitroom CRM enables you to track how effectively employees deal with transforming queries into actual bookings, and allows employees to send offers that encourage more bookings. The better the offer and the sooner it is delivered to the guest, the greater the chance of selling the stay is.


An employee who sends many such effective opportunities within a month is a potential candidate for the prize. Discover an additional tool that will help you check the sales level and other activities of your employees.

New Stay Opportunities Report

The new stay opportunities report, available in Profitroom CRM, allows you to review sales opportunities in terms of their value and whether they were successful or not. You can filter and sort them by employees so you can easily see which of your employees is doing best.

How does the best employee talk with guests and fetch information on the most important aspects of their stay? How does he encourage them to buy a more expensive stay? How does he generate a perfectly matched discount for them? What makes him so effective to sell a very expensive group stay? Or maybe his skill is to sell a lot of cheaper stays? All you have to do is look at the report and you will learn who and how sells the stays, thanks to which you will additionally get a list of hints for other employees.

The residence opportunities report consists of two basic parts:

  • from the chart

  • and a table:

The graph shows the number of opportunities sent in a given period of time, broken down by employees. Each employee has his own color, after which it is easy to recognize him on the chart.

The chart can be freely time-limited, choosing from:

  • last 30, 90, 180, 365 days,
  • the previous month,
  • the current month.

You can also easily filter data by employees - all you need to do is "unclick them" below the chart:

The table presents the number of stay opportunities posted by each employee, divided by:

  • source of opportunity,
  • the number of chances (wins and losses) sent and the real value of the booking.

It also shows information about the percentage increase or decrease in the value of sent, lost and won stays against the same date range in the past (for example in relation to the previous 30 days). Thanks to that, it is easy to notice progress in the efforts of employees.

The table is controlled by the same dropdown you use to define the dates of the chart. In the table you can also limit the data to a specific source (for example, phone calls or e-mail).

Most importantly, the value of the won opportunities, i.e. those that ended with the actual bookings, is equal to the real value of the bookings made. So from the report you know exactly how much profit a given stay brought you.

You can also export the report as an .xls file and view it at a later time.

Big little report

Having a report in your hand, you know which employee:

  • deals best in the sale of stays,
  • copes well with sales by phone, e-mail, website,
  • is an expert on the sale of single stays of high value (or on the sale of smaller offers - just use the ratio of the number of won to the value of the won bookings),
  • makes the most progress.

On this basis, you can choose the sales criteria that best support your business model. So if you want to become a place where guests show up for short stays - it's worth rewarding those employees who sell these stays the best. However, if you want the value of each booking to be at least X, then reward those who are the most effective in the service of stay opportunities, maintaining the average value of your stay at the expected level. You can also reward those employees who make the most progress from month to month. Especially if you care about their continuous improvement.

The only thing you need to remember is to regularly review the report (thanks to the "Download" function, you can save it and review it at a convenient time) and act on it. For nothing is more discouraging than the announcement of the rules, without regular actioning the results. And of course you also have to decide how you want your employees rewarded.

If you do not have Profitroom CRM yet, we invite you to contact our sales department.

Author: Olga Gajewska