Profitroom CRM

Create long term relationships with your guests

Profitroom CRM is a platform that automates sales and marketing, attracts guests and at the same time allows you to measure sales effectiveness.

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Profitroom® CRM

Benefit from the full integration!

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Advertisement channel

Not only Google and Facebook are places where you can advertise your hotel and let visitors know what your current offer looks like. Newsletter and mass mailing are equally effective tools when it comes to attracting guests. What you need for it is a properly segmented guest base containing marketing consents. Profitroom CRM takes care of collecting such information, automatically adds guests to segments. It can also send personalized messages based on events registered in guest profiles, or newsletter encouraging guests to book. All you have to do is to let it work! Change the mass mailing to email campaigns.

Automated sales process

When your receptionist answers a booking inquiry, he or she can use Profitroom CRM and will be able to create and send a message to the guest in 30 seconds. Such email will contain an adequate offer (possible discount) and it will allow the guest to make a reservation on his own! The system monitors the entire process on an ongoing basis and can automatically send personalized reminders about the offer on behalf of the hotel. Reservation, when made, goes to the Channel Manager which updates the availability and puts the relevant information into PMS.

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Guest profile

Profitroom CRM will organize your guests’ data in one place. From now on you will have all your contacts inside Profitroom CRM, no matter if they have called the hotel, sent an email, booked online through your website or OTAs. Sales and marketing management have never been easier.

Unique & advanced features
Profitroom® CRM

One of its kind system
Created with the hospitality industry in mind.
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Guest history
One shared guest story, containing information about all the activities.
Encrypts guest data in accordance with the standards.
Profiled communication
Mailings to guests are generated automatically according to guest profiles.
The process of selling stays after an inquiry doesn’t require reception work.
Tailored to the needs of hoteliers, easy to use (drag & drop).
Automatic segmentation of the guest base on the types of stays and marketing consents types.
Emails with offer
Thanks to integration with Profitroom Booking Engine, CRM allows you to send offers easily.
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The system allows for advanced data analysis.