Profitroom Channel Manager

Online Booking Control Center

Profitroom Channel Manager is more than just a channel manager – it is a powerful revenue management tool enabling the creation of a uniform and consistent pricing strategy.


Profitroom® Channel Manager

Benefit from the full integration!

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The integrations you need

Profitroom Channel Manager offers integrations with over 40 PMS systems. We are Oracle Gold Partner (Fidelio, Opera) and partner with MEWS, Hoteltime, Opera OXI and Opera Cloud, LSI, Protel and other leading PMS systems around the world.
Additionally, it is possible to integrate with OTA portals (including, HRS, Expedia, AirBnB, with GDSs (REZ, Travelclick/Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan), and wholesalers, e.g. HotelBeds, GTA, Tourico. All data is transferred via only official and certified XML connections.


Fully automated rate and availability management

Each booking automatically reduces the availability of your rooms. It doesn’t matter if you use 2 or 60 OTA channels, it will save you the manual work. Profitroom Channel Manager allows you to maintain a consistent price offer across all channels and to offer dynamic price management for specific dates. This simple and effective system allows you to define the base price in conjunction with the planner allowing you to temporarily change the price without modifying the entire offer.

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The link between your website and PMS

Profitroom Channel Manager integrates with the Profitroom Booking engine, collecting all real-time booking information made via your website. It automatically changes the availability on all channels and transfers this updated information to your PMS system.

Unique & advanced features
Profitroom® Channel Manager

Rate shopper
See exactly what, how and when your competition is doing.
Seasons painting
Easy price change in line with the season.
Simple price copying between rooms and dates, similar to Excel.
A simple and transparent planner enabling dynamic price management.
Restrictions management
The ability to define restrictions for reservations and packages.
Price lists
Simple price list management by defining adjustments to baseline prices, and additional beds prices.