Profitroom Booking Engine

Your website
is your
direct booking channel

Give your guests online booking interface

and pay lower booking commissions.

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Unique & advanced features
Profitroom® Booking Engine



Enables booking multiple rooms in just a few simple steps.

Availability assistant

Makes your guests bypass no availability issue.

Secures your data

Encrypts your guests and your data according to the standards.

Simple integration

The integration process with your websites will take just a few steps.


It can be connected to any channel manager, property management system, metasearch platform.

Increase in sales

Offers one of the highest conversion rates on the market.

Entirely flexible solution

Profitroom Booking Engine offers integration with several dozen payment gateways. Hoteliers can define a prepayment schedule for reservations, and payments will be made automatically.

+ Hoteliers can determine which rooms are to be equipped with an extra bed and choose the appropriate prices for such stays.
+ Full flexibility in choosing theme and colours.
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A refined mobile reservation interface

The touch interface allows for trouble-free operation on any type of devices. Everything, from the review of the offer, through the booking process to the payment, can be easily done on a mobile device.

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A system that encourages to make a booking

The booking engine main page not only allows for booking but also presents offers and vouchers.

+ Guests can use an assistant which, in the event of unavailability, helps them to book a room at a different date.
+ On the booking page there is a "Discount box" which encourages guests to book directly by offering them more attractive terms.
+ Profitroom Booking Engine can generate landing page pages with details of specific offers, thereby directing traffic to specific offers.
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Profitroom Bookign Engine
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