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The following tables show upcoming phases leading to reservations.
In order to help you in quick, educated decision-making and to respond to changes in demand, we share the compiled data in real-time.
This data is based on a representative group of hotels using Profitroom tools.

Graph illustrating interest in the keyword ‘hotel’ in Google search

The chart below shows interest in the keyword ‘hotel’ in Google’s search engine. We have compared data from the UK with other countries that are at different stages of coping with the pandemic and have a different approach to defrosting the economy. After clicking the icon showing a graph, you can also modify the graph yourself to include other countries.

Traffic on hotel websites

Usually, the increase in interest translates into an increase in traffic on hotel websites, which we represented in the chart below. However, an increase in traffic may precede an increase in the number of reservations, making it worth analyzing all three charts together.

Booking dynamics compared to last year

The dynamics in reservations are most important to show the percentage of increase or decrease in reservations submitted on a given day in 2020, compared to the same day of the previous year (for more accurate results, we take the shift of weekdays into account). The blue graph indicates direct bookings from the Profitroom Booking Engine, while the green-coloured graph represents reservations generated through online intermediaries from the Profitroom Channel Manager. The Y axis at 0% means that reservations are flowing at the same level as in 2019. Everything above signifies an increase and, hence, everything below a decrease in reservations.

Dynamics of summer reservations compared to last year

The dynamics of summer holiday bookings present the same correlation as the chart above, but include only reservations for dates from 01/06 to 31/08/2020.

Interest in holiday dates by arrival date

The current interest in selected holiday dates is presented in the chart below. It includes price queries and room availability on specific days during the summer holidays. This helps you forecast when your guests will make reservations!


Seize the opportunity

Use the down time of your hotel for projects which usually would incommode your guests. Get ready for the moment when demand begins to increase again. Bet on direct bookings now even more than ever. Make use of expert advice.



Base strategy and recommendations following the coronavirus crisis


The acquisition of hotel bookings in times of COVID-19



Website positioning in times of the Coronavirus pandemic


Make use of technology

We are currently working on as many solutions as possible, which will enable adapted products meeting your current requirements due to the coronavirus. Check them out:

08 Apr 2020

Starting from April 8, 2020 you will be able to modify the cancellation voucher's value. The amount field will be pre-filled with the amount prepaid, but from now on you are able to modify it according to your needs.

More information about this feature can be obtained in our, as previously in our Knowledge Base. Please, take a look at the voucher generation window, where the changes were made.

01 Apr 2020

Starting from April 1, 2020 you will be able to replace the cancellation with a voucher, which a guest can use for a year calculated from the initial arrival date. When a guest communicates via phone or email to cancel his reservation, simply convince him that a voucher is a better option, and then in the Profitroom Suite choose the new option "Full refund of the deposit by the Hotel in the form of a voucher." The guest receives an email about the cancellation and a voucher. Thanks to this functionality, you don’t lose the prepaid money, and we refund the commission for the reservation, charging the voucher accordingly.

The list of prepaid vouchers generated that way can be viewed in the Profitroom Suite.

More information about this feature can be obtained in our Knowledge Base.

25 Mar 2020

Starting from March 25, 2020 you can enable a pop-up on the website, from which the guest will quickly get to the page with information about the status of your hotel. There you can put information about security measures taken, whether you are open, and other important messages related to the coronavirus.

The goal is to make it easier for guests to find information that will calm them down and counteract cancellations. Remember to create relevant content before switching this page on.

If you want to enable or edit this feature, please refer to the Knowledge Base.

23 Mar 2020

Starting from March 23, 2020 you can enable the sending of an additional message from Profitroom CRM for each BE booking cancellation. The message will encourage the guest to book again a stay in the property.

The email to the guest will contain a 10% discount. The guest will be able to use it for another reservation for 2 months starting from the date of cancellation. The discount’s goal is to encourage guests to make a reservation after a pandemic, which will give you extra cash on prepayment.

If you want to enable or disable this mechanism or modify the rebate, please refer to the Knowledge Base.

23 Mar 2020

Starting from March 23, 2020, guests will not go directly to the cancellation from email, but instead will be encouraged to modify booking. The system will redirect users to the panel, where they will be able to change the date or make any other modification. If a guest still chooses a cancellation, then the system will redirect him to the option of converting the reservation into a voucher, which he will be able to use at a later date. It is a good idea to enable this option and set the content that is appropriate for your object. If you want to enable or edit this mechanism, please refer to the Knowledge Base.


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