What is a Hotel PMS?

What is a Hotel PMS?

18 December 2020Angelene Bungay

There aren’t many hoteliers that don’t use a hotel PMS, property management system. After all, the computerised front desk system has been making booking and checking in easier since the 1980’s. However, hotel technology is constantly advancing, and today’s PMS solutions have become wide-ranging and sophisticated, feeding into all sorts of other hotel management tools.

So let’s take a closer look at how you can make the most of your hotel management software.

The basic functionality of a hotel property management system

At its simplest, the hotel PMS works alongside your front desk to ensure a seamless guest stay experience and effective inventory management. They have evolved to replace many of the old paper-based, back-office functions – does anyone remember the Whitney Rack? 

This system streamlines everyday operations, assigning rooms and helping to organise housekeeping tasks, as well as organising billing for ancillary offerings such as food, beverages, upgrades, entertainment and retail. Cash registers have also been replaced by POS (point of sale) systems often connected and provided by PMS companies themselves.


In these digital, data-driven days, the traditional PMS systems have adapted to the digital age.

The development of Cloud PMS

The advent of online booking and OTA’s changed the hospitality industry, and with this, the on-site PMS started to migrate towards a cloud-based system. There are hybrid systems that use a combination of online and on-site systems, and purely web-based PMS solutions where the whole system is managed via a browser.

The advantages to the hotel industry of a cloud-based system are obvious. Its open API integrates with other property management software such as the booking engine and booking channels, which gives real-time updates to travel agencies and other third party providers.

Online PMS enables offers and pricing to be kept agile and responsive, helping you to keep close control of revenue management, and balance occupancy with room rates. User-friendly for the staff, the remote PMS often comes with IT support and software upgrades.

How a Cloud PMS helps guest satisfaction

In terms of the hotel guest experience, instant two-way connectivity makes for ease-of-use and a streamlined experience. The guest-facing side integrates with your website and social media pages to encourage direct bookings. Guests using a mobile app will find it super-easy to choose and book their room, and can use handy features such as online check-in.


Because a cloud or hybrid PMS is scalable, the guest services it provides can be used for small independent hotels as well as the larger chains. The advantages to a smaller hotel business, who can scale back on in-house IT and admin costs and improve their channel management capabilities, are clear. 

For group hotels, a PMS with a centralised dashboard will ensure real-time rate management across all the sites, as well as cross-marketing opportunities between the different properties and in-house functionality such as payroll. It’s hard to remember how hotel groups managed with the individual, offline systems.

Find out more about PMS for your hotel

From online guest check-in to keeping an eye on self-service kiosk sales, today’s hotel PMS really is a complete property management solution. At Profitroom, we’ll work with you to find the best cloud solutions for your Leisure hotel or resort. Check-in with our hospitality industry’s software experts today.

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