Upper CRS – more than just a simple channel manager

Upper CRS – more than just a simple channel manager

03 February 2015PROFITROOM SA

Take full control of your booking channels – Stop wasting time on managing OTA extranets!

The aim of every hotel is to drive bookings. The best revenue comes from direct sales – this is obvious. It does not mean that the importance of other channels can be diminished. The e-commerce strategy that hotels implement should be balanced and concern factors such as rates, availability, but also competitors analysis, pricing automation, communication with clients.

The Upper CRS is a product that allows all hotels to easily manage their e-commerce module. It is a complex set of tools for online distribution and revenue management.

Its main component is the Channel Manager that manages rates and room availability in all popular channels like Booking.com, Expedia or GDS. Our OTA partners list is constantly growing.

The biggest advantage of the Upper Channel Manager is an easy interface – one screen management of price and availability in all channels – it is the only channel manager available on the market that allows one click, real time, instant updates. A two way XML connection imports availability, prices and minimum-stays and downloads the reservations – all in one tool.

How does it work?

In UPPER CRS rates are managed in a single screen view. They are editable in a spreadsheet style, it is enough to simply select a date or a whole range, apply new rates and change them across all the distribution channels.

The rates management control panel allows linking standard rate plans to special rates such as non-refundable or min. stay. Linked plans with restrictions receive rates from standard plans and automatically add price reductions according to predefined rate or percentage rules.

Higher degree of automation, available in all UPPER CRS packages, let users to set unlimited rate grids and apply them to the rates calendar in a matter of a few clicks. It suites both city and leisure hotels because different rate grids may be used for single dates, what is common in business properties, or to whole ranges of dates what is often done in leisure hotels.

Availability control is built in a similar way to rates view – single screen gives revenue manager full control and complete overview of each room type availability. The manager may focus on a single month, or glance at whole year allotment by selecting needed time range. Depending on the hotel strategy the same availability may be sent to all OTAs, otherwise the hotelier may reduce room allocation in specific channels. UPPER CRS takes care of availability by reducing number of room to sale every time a booking is made. When rooms allocation drops to zero, channel manager closes sales in all OTAs.  

Additional modules

Among standard features UPPER CRS offers plenty of additional modules that simplify day to day tasks, and strategic pricing decisions.

PMS integration – all reservations from OTAs are loaded from channel manager to your PMS, what significantly reduces reservations department daily tasks.

Reporting and data export – summary of channels performance view provides data about number of bookings and revenue from each OTA, made within a day, week or last 30 days. It also sums up monthly revenue and bookings count generated by online channels.

Competition scanner – crucial tool for every revenue manager. Scanner provides data about your competitors rates in a chart and tabular view. Make data driven decisions and leave your competitors behind.

Business Intelligence – let the channel manager to change rates based on current availability. As soon as number of room reduces BI module will automatically increase rates to maximize hotel revenue and bottom line.

Customer Relationship Maintenance – establish a close relationship with your customers via e-mail communication such as arrival date reminder with a hotel location map, thank you e-mail after departure with a promo code to incentive returning visitors or ask about the stay and service quality in a short opinion poll.



Our technical and revenue team provides support through the whole process of channel manager implementation. From decisions about selection of the best OTA channels, how to avoid pitfalls such as fraudulent channels, and select the best CRS configuration that suits a particular property needs.Support Team is available after the channel manager is implemented to ensure its smooth functioning and produce the best results for the hotelier.


CRS strengths

  • single allotment for all channels. When the last room is sold, the system automatically closes availability.
  • special rate plans can be implemented to singular channel. All restrictions as minimun stay, closeouts are managed with a single click
  • automation of changes through integration with all biggest PMS software systems.

Nowaday it is extremely important to assure that the customer data is secure.  UPPER CRS is certified with the PCI DSS compliance standards.


Upper CRS is the most reliable and affordable tool to manage online distribution – contact our sales department for more information contact@profitroom.net