Update of the booking interface to Upper 6.0

Update of the booking interface to Upper 6.0

12 October 2016PROFITROOM SA

The experience gained during tests on the first 100 hotels, lasting 2 months altogether, has confirmed the undoubted fact that the brand new Upper booking system is indeed a much more effective solution! Therefore, we are delighted to inform you that on 13 October 2016 we are launching the process of automatic system update to Upper 6.0.

Upper Booking Engine 6.0 is a fresh look at the reservation process and a boost for the sales themselves. Most importantly, it enables higher conversion and makes user views much more intuitive. This year’s premiere is a response to the brand new trends in marketing and sales as well as a system base for the further development of functional innovations.

The update to version 6.0 is free of charge and does not demand any extra modifications on your part

The most significant improvements in reference to Upper 6.0 have been described here:

The Development Director Waldemar Antonowicz says – “Switching all customers to the new system is merely the beginning of all the changes to come. Soon we want to introduce new sales functions to the system, which are supposed to optimize the conversion factor and improve the attractiveness of direct booking. Also, our teams are working on the brand new Center management system and in a short time we will implement the new version of Upper CRS channel manager. Profitroom is engaged in other new projects too, which should complement our offer by the end of the year.”

Should you have any questions or doubts, please contact our Help Desk: support@profitroom.net or call us at +48 61 840 23 80 (8:00 am – 6:00 pm Mon-Fri).