Top 6 Hotel Industry Trends For 2022

Top 6 Hotel Industry Trends For 2022

30 July 2021Huw Darch

What are the hotel industry trends for 2022? We explore how hotels could look in a year’s time, and how you can start implementing changes to get ahead.

What will the hotel industry look like in 2022?

With hospitality still healing from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the trends for 2022 will focus heavily on rebuilding, restructuring, and reimagining the hotel industry. 

Things aren’t going back to ‘normal’; things are evolving to a new level. 

This week, we’re looking at what hotel industry trends will look like in 2022 and how you can get ahead of the game.


1. Will staycations still be all the rage?

Staycations skyrocketed throughout 2021 due to the uncertainty of international travel. 

As we head towards 2022, we hope that travel will be back to normal. However, due to the turbulence we’ve all faced due to lockdowns, we do expect holiday-makers to err on the side of caution and continue booking staycations over holidays abroad for a while longer.

Hotels will benefit greatly from the increased staycations, and hopefully rebuild what they lost when they had to close. It’s a good idea to explore what UK holidaymakers are looking for, and how you can bring the essence of an abroad experience to your hotel, without losing the attraction of the local area.

If you can get the balance right, you may find yourself with repeat custom year-on-year.


2. Smart rooms are on the rise

Technology is ever-evolving, and many establishments are tapping into this hotel industry trend to help improve their services. 

Many hotels have already started implementing in-room devices and keyless doors, and as 2022 approaches, more and more hotels will make the switch. 

Hotel technology can help hotel staff run a much smoother and more efficient service, and can improve the guest’s experience. 

Technology such as smart controls and casting devices can help your guest adapt their stay to their own personal comfort level with ease – for instance, by having the ability to plug in their own Fire Stick, adjust the room temperature from their bed, or order room service via an app.


3. Hotels will focus on their carbon footprint

Conserving energy and ‘going green’ is gaining a lot of traction at the moment, as activists like Greta Thunberg are speaking out against climate change and the changes we can make to help reduce our impact on the planet. Many people are taking note and making changes to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Hotels will reduce their plastic usage by cutting down on single-use plastics for events, conferences, and other everyday hotel items (think of the miniature shampoo bottles). 

They’re also giving guests the opportunity to opt-out of daily room cleans, and in particular, cut down on washing towels daily. By encouraging guests to hang up their towels and reuse them, hotels can drastically cut down on their washing and drying systems.

Veganism is also growing in popularity, both for health and environmental purposes. Hotels may start to introduce more plant-based dishes to help reduce the environmental impact the meat industry has on the planet.


4. Experiential holidays are growing in popularity

Many people are choosing experiences over materialistic things and hotels have an advantage in that they can offer retreats and experiential holidays.

Yoga retreats are a perfect way to encourage people to visit, as it’s beneficial for both the mind and body and will offer people a relaxing break after the stresses of the past year.

Other examples are family adventure holidays or stag and hen parties. You could partner with local businesses that provide fun activities, such as caving or kayaking, to create a package deal that will entice people to book their stay in your hotel.


5. Hotels are adapting their designs

If your hotel is looking a bit dated or tired, the current trend is to bring the outside in. 

Many indoor spaces, particularly offices and hotels, are creating biophilic walls. These are walls made of greenery, designed to connect people to nature to improve their mental wellbeing. 

Plants also help filter the air and produce oxygen, making the indoor space healthier for your guests. 

We predict that as we head into 2022, more and more hotels will integrate nature into their rooms and communal spaces.


6. Workers are starting to mix business and leisure

If one good thing came out of lockdown, it was that working from home can encourage more productivity. Even as offices reopen, many workplaces will implement working from home elements to their timetables, such as three days in the office and two days at home.

As a hotelier, you can capitalise on this, and encourage ‘working from home days’ in your hotel. You can offer packages with food, teas and coffees, and high-speed internet to encourage people during the quieter weekdays. You can even offer a package deal where if they come on a Friday, they can extend over the weekend and mix business with pleasure. Include a gym pass and you may find yourself with regulars frequenting your hotel.

We think many hotels will offer business and pleasure packages going forward. Consider running a survey to your existing customer or via social media to assess demand and get ahead of the game.

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Alternatively, contact a member of our team for more information about our products and services, or to find out more about hotel industry trends.