Thermal Energy of the Mountains – how a website can take you space – travelling

Thermal Energy of the Mountains – how a website can take you space – travelling

07 October 2016Justyna Lisiecka

A brand new website for the luxurious complex of the BUKOVINA Thermal Baths started its journey through time and space last September and we just can’t avoid thinking that’s an eye-catching thing, indeed. Profitroom made BUKOVINA a true hit on the Net and presented to the world a place where you can enjoy the richness of 8 saunas and a modern, highly exclusive SPA & Wellness Centre. 

Just like the previous project, this one has also been based on a set of carefully selected movies. Actually, on each and every subpage we come across an interesting visualisation of the attractions available on the spot. At the same time, through the transparency and intuitive character of the interface, the website follows the principles of the User Experience, too.  A potential customer can go to the ticket purchasing panel and any other subpages of the BUKOVINA complex at any time. 

Three views prepared exclusively for the object are more than worth your attention:

  • Thermal Water Subpage – presenting a cross-section through the geological layers with an animation teaching us where the waters come from and how they are extracted. The view is deeply dynamical, the animations are launched gradually while scrolling the page. 
  • Interactive Map of Attractions – a subpage with a vivid visualisation of the object. The view is supposed to make the Guests acquainted with the location and appearance of the thermal attractions. You just set the cursor on the chosen attractions to check its name, and after clicking on the attraction, you can read an exhaustive description. 
  • Shopping basket – the most significant part of the website; smooth and easy ticket purchase online. For the BUKOVINA Partners there is also a special logging panel which lets them manage their basket in no time. 

Complicated as the project may seem, this challenge was definitely worth the efforts. Now attracts your attention even more, yet does not make you feel tangled in a myriad of information. Our engagement and dedication have given fruit in the form of an effect pleasing both for the BUKOVINA Complex and all of its Guests. 


Justyna Lisiecka, Project Management Assistant Profitroom