The right theme for your work

The right theme for your work

12 August 2019Olga Gajewska

Are you thinking of changing the view of your booking engine? Would you like to test what is worth promoting on the home page? From now on you can do it yourself! See how easy it is to make such changes. You can also preview them without changing the view on your website.

Profitroom Booking Engine 7 has introduced several novelties and changes which we have already written about. You are already familiar with some of them, while others (such as the recently introduced option to change the type of offer) will come in handy soon. Another of the new functionalities is the functionality to change the colors and the way offers are presented on the booking engine. Thanks to that, you will save the time you would have to spend on creating a request to the support team and at the same time you will gain full control over what your guests see!

What we hand over

Starting from August 2019, when going to Settings Booking Engine and expanding the Advanced option, you will see Design at the bottom of the list. After clicking on it, you will see settings regarding the appearance of your booking system, which gives you the opportunity to personally adapt what your guests see to your preferences.

At the very top you will find a choice of one of the main themes – Classic, Dark and Light. They are presented in a very self-explanatory way, but if you need to see them "live" before publishing on the website, you can always do it using the Save & preview button at the bottom right.

When you select the primary colour, it will show up as the background colour for the data selection area in Classic mode and as button colour in the Dark and Light modes. If however, in addition to that you will also select the secondary colour, it will show up as the background colour in Classic mode and button colour in Light mode. 

What else can be modified

Main view

Adjust your main view to what you think is more catchy and will attract more guests. If your offers are interesting – you can set the main view to display offers. If you have beautiful pictures and good room descriptions – it's worth setting them as the main view of the booking engine.

Number of guests

You can also adjust the number of guests to how many of them most often appear in your facility as part of a joint booking – 1, 2, 3 or 4. It may be that singles book a room the most often? Or couples maybe? Now you can decide on the default value and thus facilitate your guests’ booking process.


The last option that you can quickly modify is the display of logo on the booking engine’s main page. If you select Yes – the logo will appear in the upper left corner of the engine page. If you choose No, it will disappear from the engine completely. The logo is taken from the system settings by default, so you don't have to worry about a missing file or incompatibility with the logo on the website.

With the ability to change the settings yourself, you can not only test what suits you and your guests better, but also make a quick change when necessary. Do not delay, see the new tab in the system!


Do you want to check how it works? Log in to Suite and try it yourself!