The power of diversity – five different objects of one resort on one five website

The power of diversity – five different objects of one resort on one five website

10 April 2019Magdalena Gawron

These five objects constitute one resort. Each of them of a different category, different character, and for guests with different expectations. Our project team faced a real challenge here. Check how the implementation went!

Czarna Góra Resort to znany ośrodek narciarski znajdujący się przy malowniczym masywie Śnieżnika, w Stroniu Śląskim i Białej Wodzie (powiat kłodzki). Składa się na niego 5 obiektów noclegowych o różnym charakterze: 

The facilities are located both in the center and directly at the ski slope. They are year-round mountain facilities situated in the clean air zone.

Resort Czarnogóra

The most important attractions in the centers include:

  • extensive pool facilities,
  • an interesting SPA offer,
  • extensive offer for children,
  • excellent infrastructure: 14 downhill runs, cross-country tracks, Luxtorpeda cable car, black Żirja gravitational slide, Family Fun Park, rope park, zip line.


Resort Czarnogóra, moc atrakcji

Minimalism, consistency, effectiveness

The variety of the accommodation offer on the old website paradoxically contributed to the low interest in the online offer. The content was excessively complex and did not have a transparent, coherent structure.

The task set for us was clear: create websites geared towards direct sales, visually consistent, graphically minimalistic, taking into account the following assumptions:

  • content shortened to the minimum 
  • clear, intuitive content structure,
  • clearly visible and attractive photos,
  • the emphasis placed on being part of the whole resort
  • keeping the individual character of each of the objects.

Resort CzarnogóraFirst, we thoroughly analyzed the content and prepared their architecture to be sure that everyone will quickly find what they are looking for on the website. It was only later that the time came for functionality or photos.

We are really proud of the final result of the graphic design: minimalistic style and suggestive photos, individually selected for each object, gave an amazing effect.

Similarly with the functionalities for individual objects:

  • an interactive attractions module that allows you to browse the offer by category,
  • the ability to filter special offers,
  • a banner on the main page that presents object distinguishing features and gives directions for reservations,
  • conference module.

Resort Czarnogóra

The secret of success

Minimalistic design is based on a large number of pictograms and icons. Thanks to their application, we could cancel part of the descriptions and focus on the visual layer of the project. This procedure not only reduced the excess of the content but also made it easier for the guests to get the information they need and increased the readability of each page.

Resort Czarnogóra

  1. We have developed modern websites for 5 separate objects, we have designed them, taking into account the different colors and characteristics of each of them.
  2. We have implemented specially prepared modules of attractions and special offers with the possibility of filtration by category.
  3. We designed a business tab tailored to the expectations of guests, taking into account various business meeting options.

We have built the site based on the latest versions, including HTML5, CSS3, Java Script.

The websites are responsive, which means that the appearance and layout automatically adjust to the size of the device window on which the page is viewed (computer, tablet, smartphone).


Testimonial of the hotelier:

“It’s great working with professionals. Thanks to this, the efforts not only went smoothly and quickly but also the results exceed our expectations. The cohesive and aesthetic appearance of the hotels of the Czarna Góra Resort is just the tip of the benefits that we have gained through the cooperation with Profitroom. Under the surface of what you see at first glance are the attention to every detail, excellent user experience – both on the client’s side, as well as the user’s back end, efficient customer service and comprehensiveness of services that results from the knowledge of the industry. We recommend it!” Czarna Góra Resort