The Hotel Marketing & Technology Trends 2017 in January!

The Hotel Marketing & Technology Trends 2017 in January!

16 December 2016Marek Kaczmarek

The 4th edition of the “Trends” by Profitroom shall be published quite soon now – next month. The editor works have been accomplished already. And actually everyone who’s in one way or another connected with the hotel business should know perfectly well what kind of a report that is. In truth, it’s now one of the most popular reports on the Polish hotel industry, giving you a glimpse of all the sales, marketing and technology trends for the years to come. This new edition will be supported by the patron Hotelarz magazine and the powerful partner – Deloitte Polska.

The best year in the history of the Polish hospitality industry is gone now… what comes next?

“2016 was strongly influenced by lots geopolitical factors such as wars, migrations or terrorist attacks. For the tourist market in Europe, this situation was – quite comprehensibly – not the most convenient one of all. However, unstable as the market might seem, Poland was in a way some kind of a peace oasis, and thereby won many customers who spent their holidays in this particular country. The thing concerned both foreigners and – first of all – our compatriots, the Poles. Most obviously, the hoteliers seized the opportunity right away. According to the data collected by Profitroom, 2016 was the best year for the Polish hotel industry ever. 

As far as the Internet sales is concerned, the revenue growth was immense. Either through the hotel own website or the OTA platforms alike, all the hotels noticed a few percentage of sales growth. It was much influenced by the more and more popular tactic of dynamic rate management in all the segments, used on the everyday basis by the business and holiday resorts as well.

After yet another record year, each and every entrepreneur has quite a righteous reason now to ponder over the question if this enthusiastic situation is at an end and we should prepare ourselves for a downfall or maybe it all stays as it is. Profitroom is pretty optimistic on that front. The business outlook should remain positive for some time now. Nevertheless, securing your business is always a wise choice. Thus, do think about investing in your own brand – it’s the best insurance you could ever get. Because then your profits would be safe even if the economic situation was going down. 

Hoteliers cooperating with Profitroom keep on mentioning the problems with finding and keeping professional staff. For this reason, we assume the modern technology will play a more and more significant role in the work effectivity – since both the sales and the service provision at the hotel shall be – at least to some extent – automatic... – Marcin Dragan, Managing Director at Profitroom.

Hotel Marketing & Technology Trends 2017

The report prepared by Profitroom will have its premiere in the Hotelarz magazine. This year, 13 trends were specified – all of them having a vast impact on our domestic hotel industry in the scope of the widely understood marketing and IT. The forecast has been prepared by the experts from a few company divisions and the representatives of the consulting company Deloitte whom we owe a profound analysis of the current trends as to marketing and technology and their influence on the hotel business. Now, after two months hard work, we have finally achieved a very exact and thought-provoking document allowing us to understand the market situation we face today. The final version of this report will be published on 17 January on the Internet website of Profitroom. More information coming soon! 

Marek Kaczmarek, Marketing Manager in Profitroom