25 April 2017Marek Kaczmarek

You can now use the new Profitroom Suite, which is an intuitive solution that gathers all the tools you need as a hotelier in one single place. Sales management in hotel facilities has become easier!

Profitroom Suite – what is it and how it was created?

Center was a platform well known to all Profitroom customers, where all the tools for increasing the profits of hotel facilities were accessible. With the help of Centre, it was possible to, among other things, manage and analyze sales through a booking engine (Profitroom Booking Engine), and to perform availability management via Channel Manager or change of content on websites. This year, the time has come to completely rebuild this environment, refresh the interface and add many functionalities that will facilitate hoteliers' daily work. This is how Profitroom Suite was created!


As Krzysztof Kowalczykiewicz, IT Director at Profitroom, says:

"At the stage of planning the solution, we thoroughly analyzed everything that has been done in this area so far. Based on that, we approached the design of the interface aiming at making it better suited to the needs of users. In addition, we thought about building a platform that would serve Hoteliers for many years. That required us to face the following challenges:

  • the existing Center platform was a mix of several generations of solutions,
  • many functionalities were duplicated in various applications,
  • applications did not exchange their data easily; interface consistency was lacking,
  • mobile access was difficult.

During almost a year of work, a new system was created which stands out for its:

  • the unified and intuitive interface even when using many tools at the same time,
  • valuable functionalities that facilitate data analysis,
  • much better adaptation to mobile devices. "

Profitroom Suite – key changes

The new platform is moving away from the classic division into applications and products. The approach is replaced by a clear division into sections suited to the information structure that the Hotelier is interested in during his day-to-day work. The content of these sections is determined by the set of applications and tools used by the Hotelier. The same views and statements are available when using both the booking system and when using the Channel Manager

Suite Profitroom – what’s next?

Profitroom Suite is being intensively developed and will be enriched with new functionalities as well as tools. Full management of the booking system, CMS, and CRM portfolio doesn’t fulfil the scope on which we will be working in the next months. In addition to that, we are always open to any suggestions.

Author: Marek Kaczmarek, Marketing Manager