Profitroom CRM – the missing link to the effective sales process

Profitroom CRM – the missing link to the effective sales process

05 June 2017Olga Wieczerzycka

The last decade was a period of dynamic change for the hotel industry. Online services have become popular and sales channels digitalized, which has created innumerable opportunities for maximizing profits. Thanks to the commercialization of online hotel services the process of booking hotel rooms is now faster, easier and more convenient for Internet users. As a result of transferring sales to online platforms, the workload and the time that hotel staff needed to devote to guest service when working offline has been significantly minimized. At the same time, online sales have contributed to a significant increase in occupancy.

Hoteliers now have a number of online sales tools that automate their work, including the Channel Manager used for sales through agents such as, Expedia and HRS, and booking engines for sales through their own websites. Direct sales via traditional channels such as email and telephone are a source of a lot of hassle for hotel staff. Meanwhile, guests expect the fast and efficient service they got accustomed to when using the internet.

In an industry as competitive as the hotel business, the aim is not only maximizing sales but also offering the best possible conditions of stay. During a day filled with numerous tasks, hotel employees often do not find time to make a phone-call or reply to an email message on time. They need to talk to guests, escort them to their rooms, and are not able to handle incoming calls or make a suitable personalized offer for the caller, thus frequently losing sales opportunities.

In cooperation with hoteliers, we decided to address their problems and meet their requirements. We have created a tool that serves as administrative, sales and marketing assistance, all in one. The result of months of testing and research is Profitroom CRM, an innovative product that has the features of a classic CRM system designed to reduce the number of missed sales opportunities, maximize sales efficiency and minimize the time needed to service even the most demanding guest. This is a product, which thanks to its functionality, is able not only to organize and expand the database of visitors and potential customers, but also to monitor and manage direct sales at all stages.

What is Profitroom CRM?

Profitroom CRM is more than just a CRM tool for hotels. It is an excellent platform for automating hotel sales and marketing, that instantly increases the possibilities of your sales team. – Waldemar, R&D Director at Profitroom

Features and benefits of Profitroom CRM:

  • Your “Assistant” that allows you to make full use of the Upper Booking Engine functionalities

    It allows you to take advantage of all your sales opportunities, and convert potential customers into guests who make reservations at your hotels.

  • Databases and guest segmentation

    They allow you to build guest profiles based on past experience, the behavior of the guests on the website, and their preferences.

  • Effective pre- and post-sale communication

    Using full information about the guest, the platform automatically sends personalized messages thus maximizing the chances of subsequent hotel bookings and building a trust-based relationship with a loyal client.

  • Collecting all sales opportunities and using their potential

    Database contacts are created and expanded automatically, which saves time, energy and reduces the chance of mistakes and chaos in the system.

  • Online and offline sales channels

    The system supports all sales channels, including the website, OTA, telephone sales, email sales, and messages flowing into the system through the contact form from the hotel website. It make it possible for you to send a professional and personalized offer while still talking to a potential client.

  • Automatic follow-up system

    It allows you to follow the behavior of the guests and motivate them to take advantage of the offer. Profitroom CRM also allows for efficient after-sales communication: sending a thank-you email after the stay, asking for feedback, or sending newsletters with promotional codes.

  • Lead categorization

    The hotelier is able to analyze a person’s movements for up to a year, see what channel they used to make a  booking, which special offers they were interested in, and make an offer that suits their needs.

  • Possibility of pre-booking by the booking staff

    This will allow you to block the availability of a room for a short time. Thanks to system automation, the guest receives an email with an initial confirmation within a few minutes and the possibility of making a secure online payment, which dramatically reduces the time the room availability is blocked compared with the time needed when waiting for a traditional bank transfer payment.

  • Access to statistics

    Profitroom CRM allows you to monitor the progress of the offer sending process. The most important report shows the measurable effectiveness of the tool: how many sales opportunities have turned out to be successful, what was the value and the sources of the sales effected?

  • Monitoring the reception staff progress

    With the ability to create additional user profiles in Profitroom CRM, statistics visible in the system allow you to monitor the progress of your employees.

Why choose Profitroom CRM?

Stand out or die – this is the motto that has guided many entrepreneurs. Hoteliers, who see their sales opportunities at every turn, try to emphasize what sets them apart from their competitors, knowing that this will strengthen their position in the market and optimize the sales process. Following this lead we came up with the idea of ​​creating a support system. The result of this work has been Profitroom CRM, a tool that provides a comprehensive way to increase conversion rates and the return on investment, build a loyal-customer base, as well as monitor and manage sales and marketing processes at every step. It’s a tool that will maximize and make full use of all your sales opportunities and support the process to bring about a significant increase in direct sales.


By fully integrating it with other Profitroom tools (such as the Upper Booking Engine, channel manager, and websites), the hotelier is able to collect all valuable sales information through all sales channels, whether online or offline.


The recently launched product has already gained positive feedback from hotel industry experts who underline the importance of Profitroom CRM. The aim of the system is to support revenue managers, directors, hotel managers and relieve them in their day-to-day duties, and, through its functionalities, substitute them in the process of sales planning and organization, or controlling sales and their effects.

It is worth remembering that the guest and his needs should be the priority for the hotel. Profitroom CRM is also a tool for supporting the relationship of the hotel with its customers. Thanks to automated processes, you can better manage your time and focus on what you often cannot find time for – building lasting relationships with the guest.

Olga Wieczerzycka, Sales Manager at Profitroom