Profitroom Booking Engine – newsletter activation

Profitroom Booking Engine – newsletter activation

23 March 2017Karolina Dziedzic

Majority of agencies attract clients with appealing rebates and the incentive to keep them informed with the best deals. Loyalty programs for customers are based on discount of the booking value. It is then worth to ensure that such a form of promotion can be used on the venue’s website.

Thanks to such a solution, Guests have the opportunity to make a booking at the best price, which at the same time encourages that same guest to make a reservation directly via the hotel’s website. Our partners, who decided to implement the Profitroom Booking Engine newsletter, recorded 18% to 30% of bookings made with the use of the newsletter code. At the same time they recorded at least a double-digit increase in the number of direct bookings. By using the newsletter discount, the Guest inserts his e-mail address and simultaneously agrees that the site may use it in future for mailing campaigns. The acquisition of personal data and the consent undoubtedly constitutes a huge advantage for every hotel, as the site may use it to send the offers directly to the Guest’s mailbox. 

How can you activate a newsletter in Profitroom Booking Engine?

Simply send an email with the information about the discount level to the following address: