Presented effectively – sold profitably – how to present your offer better

Presented effectively – sold profitably – how to present your offer better

12 May 2016Karolina Dziedzic

How to sell the stay offers better? How to highlight the offer values? And finally, how to make our hotel beat the competition?

The online selling gets gradually, yet noticeably up. Last year resorts noted a 30% growth in the Internet sale. The hotels basing on packages, after their optimization, gain in this way 70% shares in the general revenue. So paying more attention to the offer presented on the website really makes sense – for that encourages our potential guests to make a direct booking through the hotel website, without looking for any extra agents to get a better rate elsewhere. 

What do the potential guests pay attention to when they buy a stay offer?

The competition amongst hoteliers is enormous nowadays and judging by the fact that customers can easily compare offers available in various hotels, a good rate is not enough. It still matters, though, but not as much as it previously did. Now the amenities call the shots and that is what can sell our offer in the most efficient way. So remember to present your advantages also in the offers published online. Apart from the basic information as for instance breakfast, inform your customers about a free car park or additional attractions organized by the hotel. Also the distance from the city centre or congress centres may matter in your offer. Having been provided with such information, the customer is much more prone to make a positive decision. 

What am I supposed to do before I prepare a stay package to be published on my website?

First of all, think who your target group is and what may distinguish you in contrast to the competition. Focusing on the content only, hoteliers tend to treat the name and photos connected to the offer rather leniently as if it did not matter that much. And on the contrary! These two factors may either make the customer purchase the offer or leave the website altogether.

Photo 1. Example of a catchy offer description

Photo 1. Example of a catchy offer description 

How many SPA packages should be presented on my website?

When constructing the SPA section, remember to divide the packages into particular groups: couples, friends, vouchers which may be an alternative for men or those people who’d rather choose their treatments after a consultation with the therapist. Yet, proper treatments for concrete customer groups are extremely important – for it makes our offer clear and transparent, The voucher, which we have already mentioned, is a good idea if our offer is rich and guests would like to choose what suits them most later on. 

What should my business package look like?

Depending on the target group, each and every stay offer should be different. Business guests will not look for the same amenities as for instance families with children would do. 

Due to the travel nature, the location does not need to be the key factor here, giving way to breakfast times or free car park instead. Travelling on business pay attention to free Internet, late suppers or access to the wellness zone after an exhausting day – remember that. 

Which stay packages are chosen by families with children?

Here the needs of children and their parents have the deciding voice. So remember to mention the attractions your hotel has to offer and to show what makes you unique in contrast to the competitors. A good idea would be to publish the stay plan on your website, giving the meal schedule and opening hours of your attractions, too. And especially those attractions which might interest children should be highlighted, e.g. artistic workshops, group activities in the fresh air and additional relaxation for the parents.

Photo 3. Example of a detailed offer description

Avoid short descriptions provoking questions:

Photo 4. Less selling example

When creating an offer for families with children, remember about discounts which would suit the case (like for instance for kids at a certain age) or about free accommodation for kids sharing the bed with their parents. 

Why should we work on the offers available on our website?

If we take care of the website content, the potential Customer can clearly what we have to offer and how much we distinguish ourselves in contrast to the competition. That is why constructing proper packages has such a vast significance, indeed. Keeping the Client with us should matter the most – once they have found what they have been searching for in our offer, they should cease further searching. Our potential is to work as a bait here. We extend our customer base and keep them convinced of the fact we are the ones to offer them all what’s best. Who knows the advantages of our hotel better than our guests do? So, listen to them, follow their advice and use their hints to build further offers later on.

Karolina Dziedzic, Revenue Manager w Profitroom