Premiere of Upper 6.0 – new generation of the booking system for hotels

Premiere of Upper 6.0 – new generation of the booking system for hotels

07 July 2016Marek Kaczmarek

Months spent on analysing and developing of the most popular booking system have given fruit in the form of its brand new generation – the Upper Booking Engine. The version 6 gives you a fresh view of the booking process and makes the direct sale less complicated. The key factors distinguishing this version are higher conversion and a better intuition of every single system view.

Need for change

As the Customers of Profitroom have already been accustomed to, every single year the booking system is updated in order to answers the demands of the dynamically changing market. The new, already sixth version is as optimized as it may be the most. This year we want to adapt our system to the newest marketing – sale trends and offer you lots of new functionalities. Details shall follow.

Woking the solution out

For years this booking system has been providing us with terabytes of analytical data, which resulted from the long-term cooperation with more than 1500 hotels. After having analysed all the information that stands there at our disposal, we have discovered a brand new direction of development and numerous innovations which may give us freshness of look and functionality of actions at this new system to come.

Many specialists have been engaged in this project, e.g. designers, marketing specialists, UX specialists, programmers and testers. During the designing phase we have prepared dozens of graphic layouts which we then iterated in order to finally introduce further changes. Amongst all of these conceptions we chose those which appeared most satisfying and we started preparing the first introductions of the system. For more than 2 months now our team has been testing the system on real hotels and guests. Conclusions which we have drawn allowed us to make necessary changes. As a result, the final version is truly functional in each and every aspect. We are extremely grateful to all the Hoteliers who helped us on the way towards this new system. And generally speaking, should our Customers have remarks of any kind, we will be happy to listen to them and introduce these changes into the future versions." – says Waldemar Antonowicz, Director of R&D Profitroom and Product Owner of the system.

Effectiveness of the Upper 6.0

If you had contact with the Upper 5 before, you will see that this time there is no great visual revolution known from the previous versions. Our programmers have introduced more than 2700 modifications, rewriting more than 20000 code lines. The most distinguishable changes relate to a brand new panel of dates and number of people as well as fewer booking steps. Depending on the system configuration, either three of even two steps are enough to make a booking. We wanted this system to be fully functional so that the hotel guests could feel our support when choosing the right offer. We’ve changed almost all the messages provided by the system as well as made the section with payment method and booking confirmation less complicated. Furthermore, the availability assistant has been re-developed completely. In case there are no free rooms available, the assistant offers the closest dates of stay possible. Guests can check the availability of given rooms themselves.

This Tuesday don’t forget to check the Facebook Profile of Profitroom to find out more about the update! !

Upper 6 in practice – so what’s going to happen?

From this Monday on all the customers of Profitroom will be gradually switched to the new version of the system, which shall be fully automatic and free of any additional charges. Since Friday we have been e-mailing you about the update to the version six. Should you have any worries or doubts – there is need for them since the Upper 6 has full functionality of the previous system already, has been tested very carefully and in the initial phase coming back to the fifth version will be still possible. Presumably we will have switched all of our customers to the new version by the end of July. However, if you want to start using the update earlier or engage in its development even stronger, feel free to contact the Profitroom team.

Marek Kaczmarek, Marketing Manager