Penventon Park Hotel increase online direct bookings by 158%

Penventon Park Hotel increase online direct bookings by 158%

01 July 2019Samantha Williams

In just 10 months of being live with Profitroom Booking Engine, Penventon have seen a 158% growth in direct bookings.

After a large investment refurbishing, increasing direct business became a key focus for Penventon Park Hotel. This independently-owned hotel is one of the finest destination hotels in Cornwall, which is why it was important to show the brand’s sophistication and personality throughout the whole booking experience, something that their old system lacked.

With Profitroom’s high level of customisation, we successfully integrated a new booking engine that feels like an extension of Penventon’s website. Emotive purchasing, particularly in the leisure sector, is key, and the booking engine’s image and video-led content now brings the brand to life. 

Another challenge for the hotel team was engaging their diverse target market during the booking process as they needed to attract guests from the leisure, events, and business market. This mean that they required a booking engine that could handle all the elements they needed, as well as offering an equally user-friendly experience

The user experience of Profitroom’s interface handles this scenario exceptionally well with just a three-step booking process for leisure guests, prompting a more package and experience-led journey. Coupled with a two-step experience for corporate guests, booking using Profitroom is extremely fast and simple.

Penventon have also utilised the unique promotional code facility within the booking engine too, which provides personal and exclusive discounts for nights booked during weddings and events. 

Great results

Both the improved user experience and functionality have delivered great results for Penventon in just 10 months:

  • 158% growth in online direct bookings 
  • 6% decrease in OTA reliance  

Testimonial of the hotelier:

“Since the transition to Profitroom, we are extremely delighted with the results and the increase in direct bookings which currently outweigh bookings from third parties. The dedicated support team are on hand to help with any issues around the clock which we’re very grateful for! We strongly recommend Profitroom to other hotels or businesses in the hospitality industry and we look forward to developing our relationship”. Luke Pascoe, Marketing Manager at Penventon Park Hotel 


Be like Penventon Park Hotel and appriciate direct booking!

Author: Sam Williams, Revenue Manager