Payment schedule as a solution to large prepayments

Payment schedule as a solution to large prepayments

17 November 2017Filip Warguła

Guests booking longer stays or packages are often obliged to make a prepayment whose size may often become the reason for quitting the booking process. Unfortunately, the daily limits of transfers (either with a card or a bank account) may also prevent bigger prepayments for a particular offer. With online payments accounting for as much as 56% of all the payment options in the Profitroom Suite, we have launched a new feature that allows guests to make their payments in convenient installments.

How the prepayment schedule can be started?

Log into the Profitroom Suite. Select Settings in the main menu, then Booking engine > Booking conditions > Profiles. Click Add new and select Booking with a prepayment schedule.

The new profile edition view is displayed. In the prepayments schedule section the schedule thresholds can be set.

Once the new profile is saved, it should be assigned to the selected offers. In order to do that go to Sales management in the Profitroom Suite menu, and then select Offers. A list of active offers will be displayed. Click on the offer you want to assign the new profile to. From the Booking conditions list select the profile you want to add, and then click Save.

The guests booking a stay with such an offer will make payments in accordance with the created schedule.

Frequently asked questions

What prepayment amount is required from the guest when booking with a prepayment schedule?

The guest should pay the value specified in the first threshold of the schedule.

Will the value of the first prepayment increase if the booking is made later than specified in the first threshold of the schedule?

Yes. The booking system sums up the values of multiple thresholds when there is a late booking.

Can I set a payment schedule so that the last payment would be made by the guest on site?

Yes. If the last threshold is set to less than 100% of the prepayment, the booking system will automatically treat the missing value as the amount to be paid on site.

How can a guest make the subsequent payments?

Several days before the payment deadline, the system will automatically send a reminder e-mail to the guest. The message will include a link to the reservation system where the guest will be able to make a prepayment.

What happens if a guest does not make a payment within the designated time?

One day after the payment deadline, the guest will receive an e-mail with a request for an immediate payment of the required amount.

How will I know that a guest has not made a payment within the deadline?

An e-mail message will be sent to the hotelier with information about the booking with an outstanding payment. Moreover, in the Profitroom Suite, in the reservation list, there is a bookmark To check, which displays bookings with overdue payments. The detailed information about the payments can be found in the booking’s details.

Will the unpaid booking automatically be cancelled?

No. If the guest does not want to make the payment despite the hotel’s attempt to make contact, the booking can be manually cancelled by clicking the Cancellation button in the booking’s details view of the Profitroom Suite.

After what time are the bookings automatically removed from the “To check” list?

The bookings that have expired are automatically removed from the “To check” list.


The new prepayment schedule functionality allows the hoteliers to secure the bookings with a higher prepayment. It is a particularly important aspect when the attractions included in the package require additional costs from the hotel. On the other hand, the new payment system allows the potential guests to pay the required amount in smaller installments.