Nosalowy Park – the beginning of an extraordinary project

Nosalowy Park – the beginning of an extraordinary project

30 July 2019Olga Gajewska

Nosalowy Park Hotel & SPA is the latest realization of the Nosalowy Group. The hotel is located in the surroundings of beech park, in the center of Zakopane (Poland), modern elegance in an unusual, original edition. The teaser website, which is the trailer of Nosalowy Park is our next project that we are extremely proud of.

In mid-July, the teaser website of the Nosalowy Park was launched. A huge countdown to the opening of this facility is in progress – a perfect place for people expecting the highest quality of service, combined with an individual approach to the customer. Guests will be provided with a perfectly designed and equipped wellness area, fitness center, swimming pool, as well as a concierge service and a wide gastronomic offer.

The secret of Nosalowy Park

The website is an introduction to the hotel world and the beginning of the so-called guest travel. That’s why it is so important to reflect the character of the object on the website and make a good first impression on the potential guest.

The realization of the Nosalowy Park’s website has been divided into three stages. Subsequent page views will reveal more and more information about the hotel. The first page view, the so-called teaser, you can watch from July 2019. The website is just a foretaste of what awaits guests in the hotel and on the new website.

The teaser page is preceded by the view “Choose Your Path”, which encourages the user to interact, to follow the path indicated by Nosalowy Park.

Modern website and unique design

The distinguishing feature of the Nosalowy Park is, above all, modernity, unique design, as well as impressive interiors.

It is perfectly visible on the website, which shows trends in design and refers to the Art Deco style. The whole is maintained in a minimal and subtle edition. The combination of black and white with gold gives the webpage a unique character, gives the impression of elegance, subtlety and modernity. The user’s attention is also attracted by large pictures showing characteristic decorative elements which even more emphasize the unique design of the hotel.

Teaser website – why is it worth it?

The aim of the website is to create a unique place in the digital space in which the customer experiences the brand. This is specially designed in such a way as to surprise, intrigue and arouse positive feelings at the recipient.

Interesting project implementation of the website before its opening is a great way to increase visibility and arouse interest among potential guests. It is also a way to acquire first customers, for example by placing a contact form. The database of email addresses built in this way will make it easier for you to fill the hotel with guests from the very first day of the opening.