New generation Booking Engine <br>Upper 5 is here!

New generation Booking Engine
Upper 5 is here!

30 April 2015PROFITROOM SA

Two years of analysis and development work resulted in the next generation of popular hotel reservation system Upper Booking Engine. Version 5.0 removes all barriers that blocked direct sales. Everyone will notice a new, intuitive user interface – but the improvement is much more. Upper 5 is not evolution – is a real leap to the next level.

Changes in the market

In the recent years has been noticed a huge increase of number of hotels. The same is happening with visitors and travelers – they are more and always more demanding. Guests needs and behavior are changing and therefore marketing techniques and selling hotel rooms are constantly improving. New portals and travel clubs are emerging, the approach of constructing the rates and packages is changing. Recently even the parity rate is gone! These marketing changes are accompanied by changes in technology. Today everyone has a smartphone or tablets – 2015 was announced another year of mobile devices.

All these factors do not make guests booking process easier. A guest wants only to book the most suitable room for him in the most favorable rate. And he wants to do it in a simple way …

Work on solution

For several years, our business PROFITROOM booking systems collected terabytes of data. Hundreds of hotels cooperating with us and millions of real users provided us with statistical information on the hotel booking process. Analysis of these data pointed us in the direction of developing of a new version of Upper 5.

Over the two years, the project involved several specialists: project managers, designers, marketing accounts, interface designers, programmers, coders and testers of course.

We designed a lot of models and layouts. There were many ideas and concepts, some of them excluded, some verified and modified, all this with a goal to choose the best prototypes, that were tested, implemented and observed by analytics and guests.

Upper 5 is already live – however, being a cloud-based software their development never end. We still have a lot of improvements and new features to implement. We are constantly working on this!

The result – a new generation of the Upper 5

Everyone can see and appreciate the new features, f.ex. the touch interface for mobile devices, easy comparability of rooms and offers, the transparency of information, a large number of photos, a landing page layout – those are the biggest differentiators of Upper 5. However, the U5 also consists of hundreds of major or minor improvements that hoteliers will be able to appreciate in the long term. Of course, the best measure of effectiveness will be the increase of direct bookings, according to our motto: Simply More Bookings.

Soon we will give more details, meanwhile we invite you to see the system. Upper version 5.0 runs from mid-April on a first set of hotels:

Bukovina Hotel

Profit Hotel