New features in Suite: a new form of menu and reports

New features in Suite: a new form of menu and reports

23 August 2019Olga Gajewska

We are constantly working on improving and even better look of the Profitroom Suite. Small changes have appeared regularly for several months. Find out more about recent news.

We recently wrote about the refreshed login interface for Profitroom Suite and the new offer view. Now it is time for the new form of the menu and soon there will be the possibility of reporting problems. Find out what changes you can expect after logging in. 

A new way of presenting the menu

You will find a new menu displayed at the top of the page in the Profitroom Suite. The change is visible in the Settings → Your hotel facility….

… and in page editing

The content and names of the tabs, which appear at the top, are variable and depend on the subpage.

New presentation of the room’s view

The next visible change concerns the way, in which rooms, are displayed in the Settings tab → Your facility → Rooms. The refreshed form of the list looks like this, and the way of adding rooms is compatible with other forms in the Profitroom Suite: 

Suite reports

The last element is the reports section. More and more of them look consistent and presents much readable. 

At the moment we are not planning major changes in the Profitroom Suite’s look. We are working on making the way of reporting problems inside Profitroom Suite as convenient and pleasant to use as possible. We will write more about this soon. 

Author: Olga Gajewska