New account in Profitroom Suite!

New account in Profitroom Suite!

16 November 2017Mateusz Rodowski

The process of migrating access accounts to the Profitroom Suite will commence soon. The new-generation account will provide easy access to the system as well as many other benefits, and it only will take 2 minutes to create.

Easier login

Creating and using your new Profitroom Suite account will make logging in even easier. From now on, it will suffice to use an individual e-mail address and password. Moreover, the web browser will be able to remember you and other users who use the system on a particular computer

Compliance with the requirements of the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation, which will come into effect on 25 May, 2018, imposes a number of obligations on your property. Until now, it may have occurred that an account named, for example, “reception”, has been used by many people – usually all the reception employees, in some extreme situations, even former employees (if the password was not changed regularly). Under the new legal order, such practice will be subject to severe financial penalties. This can be remedied in a simple manner, compliant with the new regulation. Records of employees who are authorized to process personal data should be kept in order to be able to demonstrate what operations were performed by whom on the personal data processed by your property.

Profitroom also would like to properly process your personal data as a Profitroom Suite user, which is why we ask you to update it and grant the appropriate consents.

Possibility to manage user accounts on your own

Soon there will be a possibility to fully manage the account when logging in to the system. The users with full administrator’s rights will also be able to manage their co-workers’ accounts, giving them access to selected system features, editing their data and permissions, or inviting new people to use the Profitroom Suite.

The new Suite account also can offer many other benefits:

  • an individual account for each person using the Profitroom tools,
  • a clearly defined responsibility for actions performed in the system,
  • enhanced security,
  • full control of the Profitroom Suite users at your hotel,
  • the ability to instantly reset your system password if it is lost
  • the ability to quickly remove a user, without interfering with the access of others
  • easier relogging of many users on one computer

How to create a new Profitroom Suite account?

As we prepared for the migration of access accounts, we have developed a number of features to support this process. They will enable everyone to spend hardly 2 minutes creating a new account.

  1. Sign in to using your current data
  2. A pop-up window will appear on your screen informing you of the need for changes. Enter your name and then fill in the short form. At this point it is crucial to give your individual e-mail address.It should be an address which can only be accessed by you. Please note that from now on, this address will become your identifier in the system. One e-mail address is one Profitroom Suite account If you do not have an individual e-mail address in your hotel domain, please provide a private e-mail address.
  3. An e-mail with a link to activate your new Profitroom Suite account will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. You will be able to use it from this point on.

Do you need to access more than one property?

The Profitroom Suite allows authorized users to switch between properties. If you need such access, complete the procedure described above with one of the properties and then submit a request to our Support Team with a list of properties which you need to receive access to.

NOTE: Creating the new type of account is mandatory. On February 28, the old type of accounts will be deactivated.

Do not hesitate to contact us via the telephone number: +48 61 840 23 80, and the e-mail address: