Many sales channels, one solution: how hoteliers generate more bookings using a Channel Manager

Many sales channels, one solution: how hoteliers generate more bookings using a Channel Manager

05 July 2021Huw Darch

What are the benefits of a channel manager? We take a look at how our Channel Manager helps you manage your inventory efficiently across all online distribution channels and maximise your revenue.

Before a potential guest makes a final booking decision, they often first go to meta search engines, such as, to compare offers. The wide range of online third-party providers forms another point of contact on a guest’s booking journey. It is all the more important for you, the hotelier, to be present on those portals.

What are the benefits of a channel manager?


Many hoteliers still manage a hotel’s inventory and its availability manually across various online sales channels. This is very time-consuming and carries a higher risk of overbooking and a suboptimal pricing policy.

With the help of a Channel Manager, room prices, allocations and availability can be controlled uniformly. You no longer have to laboriously manage and synchronize these on all platforms. This not only prevents overbooking and saves you valuable time, but also lets you set certain quotas per channel, which means that you can only broker a certain proportion of your hotel rooms through third-party providers and thus strengthen your direct booking strategy.

A Channel Manager also simplifies the booking process and encourages guests to stay on their booking journey and make their reservation. Since the prices remain the same across all channels, the customer is more likely to book directly, which means that a higher percentage of the profit goes to the hotel.

What advanced features make the Profitroom Channel Manager Unique?

This powerful revenue management tool synchronizes your availability and prices across all your distribution channels. It connects your hotel to a variety of leading third party online travel agents (OTAs), Global Distribution Systems (GDS)  and Property Management Systems (PMS). Its  user-friendly system is designed to save you time and make operations as easy as possible.

Profitroom Channel Manager enables efficient management of cross-channel online sales, flexible inventory management, and enables you to carry out bulk updates for prices and restrictions with just one click.

Another key advantage: by using Profitroom Channel Manager, you can temporarily adjust prices depending on the season or the room occupancy without changing the base price.

Sneak Peak! Look forward to this great new feature:

The self-mapping functionality of Profitroom’s Channel Manager will soon enable you to effortlessly connect to OTA channels yourself, without any assistance from Profitroom.

Partnering with

Partnering-with-Booking.com_-1 created the Connectivity Partner Program to maintain a network of high-quality connectivity service providers and enable partners to access the best Channel Managers and Property Management Systems.

It uses benchmarks, such as high interface reliability, and a smooth API connection,  in order to assign points, which unlock new levels for a partner company within the partner program.

These connectivity partners are then assigned to one of the three tiers – Standard, Advanced, or Premier – to reflect their overall performance. This can help you, as a hotelier, identify which providers might be the right fit for your business.

‘We’re pleased to announce that Profitroom Channel Manager was named a Premier Partner and that our software solution has been recognised as one of the most advanced tools on the market’, says Rachel Parker, Business Development Manager for Profitroom in the UK.

With the simple switch to Profitroom Channel Manager you will no longer miss out on any potential guests and will maximise your sales. 

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