Make it easy for guests to find a room or apartment thanks to filters and a map

Make it easy for guests to find a room or apartment thanks to filters and a map

28 October 2019Olga Gajewska

At Profitroom, we’ve been working for a long time on how to make it easier for your guests to find the object that’s convenient for them, and to provide you with even greater profits. Here is yet another improvement we’ve made to the Profitroom Booking Engine.

Starting from October 2019, your guests can filter not only by price but also by the room categories and other options. See how filters work and how to set them in the booking engine. They can also see your apartments on one shared map, along with their prices. See how it works and how you can enable these options.

OK, but first I want to know how hotel booking engine works

How filters work

In the same webpage section, where your guest selects the preferred date of stay and number of guests, he/she will now see a small button with additional filtering options.


The filters are optional and not mandatory to use. However, they will definitely be useful when a long list of available rooms or apartments is presented to your guests. Selecting additional options narrows the search results to the guest’s most desired room types. By default – none of the filters is set, so the list is not limited in any way.

Remember that filters are intended for facilities that have a large number of rooms or offer many apartments, and are intended to facilitate the guest’s choice (long lists of search results discourage guests from booking).

However, this is not a recommended solution for standard or smaller hotels.

Where do the filters come from

Whether a given filter appears in your booking engine or not depends entirely on you and your preferences. You define the list by checking the available options. You will find them in: Settings> Booking system> Advanced> Theme> Filters. Select your prefered filters there and then save the settings.


Important: If you don’t select any of the available filters, the additional button will not be visible in the booking engine interface.

What options do you have available?

Of course, the guest can filter by room price, by the number of beds, by amenities and by the equipment you define in: Room settings> Details> Standard equipment or in Room settings> Additional information, and by room categories, you have created in the Room settings> Details> Category.

Important: Rooms not assigned to any category will be in filters in the “All other” option.

Equipment, category and accessories in the room are filters created based on existing and most wanted options in the Profitroom Booking Engine. In case they don’t meet your needs – let us know. If it turns out that there is a demand for a specific option, reported by several objects – we will definitely consider adding it!


A map button now appears in the lower right corner of the booking engine window and allows you to view all available locations with their prices.


Each object is also equipped with a link to a map with the location of the object (Show on map link). Then the map will show only the object selected by the guest.


The guest can choose the apartment directly from the map and go to offers related to the chosen location. From there, he’ll simply make a booking, just like he did before in the Profitroom Booking Engine.

Who will benefit from the solutions

Every hotel can use filters, but they will be most useful in facilities that have many rooms or many apartments offered in a single booking engine (we have already written about multiproperty). Filters will allow guests to easily search for those options that meet their requirements the best.

However, maps require multiple locations displayed in one booking engine for proper operation. It is enough, however, that you have several facilities in one city – then your guests can already use the convenience of choosing a particular apartment from the map.

See how it works – log in to Suite:
If you want to enable maps for a hotel or apartment chain, please contact our Support department.