Internet of things gains access to hotel industry

Internet of things gains access to hotel industry

19 January 2016Waldemar Antonowicz

Internet of things (IoT) is a very wide subject. Some may consider it quite abstract, others may associate it with the idea of the Smart Hotel. In fact, the era of IoT is only entering the mainstream phase, and its rapid evolution is the matter of the nearest several years.

It is worth noting the possibility to associate this technological trend to the new marketing possibilities it brings.


Information on the consumer is what brings the greatest value for the hotel business. Each hotel manager should know as much as possible about their guests, their needs and how they use the hotel’s services. In this field IoT, based to a large extent on sensors and technology connected with smart devices on the part of the user, offers a completely new category of solutions.

Innovations related to the sensor technology, including the ibeacon as well as Wi-Fi, are particularly interesting. They make it possible to measure and analyze data from the traffic of guests inside the property. In addition, they enable a better customization of the guest’s stay as well as indicate these services and solutions in the hotel that provide the best customer experience, or quite to the contrary – require fundamental improvements.

IoT in the nearest future will be an irreplaceable source of data which, in connection with the Big Data trend, will definitely be reflected in the improvement in the quality of services, profitability and will increase sales in hotels. Comparing the guest’s data from before their arrival, during their stay and after their stay (in combination with other analytical tools) is a new value available for hotel managers. We should quickly become familiar with this topic and decide how to use small steps to implement these technological novelties in hotel operations.

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