Intelligent Wi-Fi in the hotel? Worth the business and why?

Intelligent Wi-Fi in the hotel? Worth the business and why?

11 April 2016proom2215

From the Customer’s point of view, a free Wi-Fi connection stands for an enormous advantage of the hotel. So, what are the benefits of using the free Wi-Fi? Read on to find out.


Creating a guest base for pennies

The Social Wi-Fi allows you to gather the e-mail addresses of your Guests together with their consent to have these data processed for the marketing purposes in the most efficient way possible. Bear in mind, the cost of such services amounts to barely 1 PLN per day, creating thereby a very attractive opportunity to gain what counts in the business quite a lot. Thus, for the economic reason at least, introducing the Social Wi-Fi in the hotel is worth your attention. Even more, once we’ve mentioned the fact that the gathered data include not only the booking data themselves, but also:

  • Data referring to all the Hotel guests who used Wi-Fi, and they have often a great influence on the decision,
  • Data referring to all the conference participants organized on the premises of the object, apart from the data submitted in the registration form.

Thanks to the intelligent Wi-Fi you get information about the Guest, which in turn lets you outnumber the competition, we have already described it in the Trends 2016. Thereby, you build a strong and solid brand of your object and save money, otherwise spent on commissions, encouraging users to make direct bookings.

For the sake of top quality and reviews

With the Social Wi-Fi you get a valid feedback and take care of the customer service in your Hotel. Using a special four-star review system you can already during the stay of your Guest get information as to their level of satisfaction with your hotel. Thus, you can react well ahead to any negative comments and take action in order to beat unflattering reviews on TripAdvisor or for the sake of a positive hotel image.

Additionally, after leaving the hotel, your Guest will automatically get a survey request concerning their satisfaction with the provided services, they will also be requested to review the hotel on the partner service TripAdvisor.


Learn more about your Guests

Social Wi-Fi is an efficient tool for gaining information about the Guests taking advantage of the Internet, both when logging into the wireless network, and later on. When they log in, you get their e-mail address, age and sex data, which lets you plan the marketing communication very precisely. Therefore, you only send them highly targeted e-mails – different for women and different for men. That’s the so called “win-win” situation when on the other hand you get data about your Guests, and on the other hand, you offer them benefits in the form of a personalised offer, a voucher or a discount.

Inform about your hotel and attractions around it

You may use your welcoming website integrated with Facebook to inform your Guests about the hotel itself as well as any attractions available in the surroundings. Encourage your Customer to check-in or visit the social media. Once they have logged into the intelligent Wi-Fi in the hotel, your Guests will get a message sent to their e-mail address informing about the hotel day, attractions in the close vicinity or current promotions.

Get in touch with your Guests at the highest level

Social Wi-Fi is also a communication channel, allowing you to contact with your Guests, gain new customers, encourage the current clients to be more active and visit you more often. Thanks to the personalized e-mailing, attractive offers sent to the e-mail address, invitation to a loyalty programme or a contest, you build relationships.

Discover the potential of Wi-Fi and social media

When logged into the Wi-Fi network, your Customer may like your hotel on Facebook, check-in or leave a comment. One check-in reaches approximately 120 friends, which constitutes a great promotion for your Hotel, makes it recognizable and more popular.

Integrate Wi-Fi with other tools

The e-mail addresses gathered during the log-in process may be automatically exported to other tools. You can also submit the remarketing codes from Google or Facebook to the Social Wi-Fi and have your adverts screened on the websites visited by your Guests.

Save thanks to the redirection of bookings from OTA

Social Wi-Fi will also help you move a part of the reservations made via OTA, e.g., to the reservation system of your hotel. In this way you activate direct sale on the website, saving on the commission even up to 15%.

Share conference package

During a conference you may activate a Conference Package for your Guests. The participants will get a message with the conference schedule, list of speakers, description of lectures and any other information you decide to share with them. They will have the opportunity to go back to these data any time they need it.

Efficient e-mail marketing

The data gathered during the log-in process such as the way of logging, sex or age are a significant factor, playing a key role in sending of proper mailing campaigns, personalization of marketing messages as well as precise remarketing. What is more, Guests are also provided with information as to the current promotions, discount coupons or vouchers.

Marek Kaczmarek, Profitroom / Dagna Ważyńska, Social WiFi

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