Integration with REZ: Online Hotel Network (RHN)

Integration with REZ: Online Hotel Network (RHN)

23 July 2019Olga Gajewska

We are pleased to announce that REZ: Online Hotel Network is yet another Global Distribution System which from now on partners with Profitroom. Find out what you gain from it as a Profitroom Channel Manager user.

650,000 online travel agencies around the world – this is the coverage of RHN GDS! Thanks to integration, your facility will be immediately visible in a huge number of online agencies. In addition to that, RHN GDS is connected to the Pegasus Online Distribution Database (ODD), so that your hotel can be booked through 1,500 channels and their partner sites. Such visibility can result in a really significant increase in the number of bookings, and consequently also in more revenue.

Who is the integration for

Integrations with GDSs are intended for those facilities which want to primarily aim at a business and corporate guest and foreign guests. You can learn more about what the integration with GDS offers from our blog post. The REZ:Online channel is known primarily in Germany, but also in other European countries so that after the integration you can expect guests from all over the EU . If you think this kind of integration is for you – go for it and Profitroom Channel Manager will support you! 

If you want to know more about your potential profits from such integration, email us at

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