Additional Information in the content of stay offers

Now you can shape the content of your offers even better. There is a new option of editing additional information.

An organized and clear description of your offer increases your sales opportunities

You no longer have to write the entire description of the offer in one text box. From now on you can divide it into relevant categories of additional information. Besides the main offer description, a guest who is getting familiar with your offer in the booking system will also see the categories of additional information that you added. When you click on a category, it will expand its content. The division of the content of the offer into additional categories of information is meant to aid:

  • an increase of the chance that your guests will choose your offer
    easier viewing of the offer description on mobile devices
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Six new categories

The new feature allows you to distribute your offer content in the following categories:

  • Meals. Mention your menu and unique dishes or regional cuisine. Information about serving hours will help your guests plan their leisure.
  • For kids. Ensure parents that the hotel is fully equipped to accommodate their children and list facilities in the rooms and in the hotel.
  • Wellness & SPA. What is in the wellness zone? What special treatments can you use, what will make them feel better?
  • Sports and entertainment. Mention the most interesting activities, that your guests can do at your place.
  • Attractions and location. What other activities can you offer to your guests inside and outside the hotel?
  • Extra paid services. Mention all additional options, which are not included in the offer price and may interest the guest.

How to add the Additional Information?

Log into the Profitroom Suite. From the menu, select Sales management, and then Offers. A list of your active offers will be displayed. To add the additional information to one of the active offers, click on the chosen offer from the list and then open the bookmark Content. When you create a new offer, it is also possible to add the additional information by means of the Content tab.

By default, two categories of additional information are displayed: Meals and Sport and entertainment. To select the remaining categories, click Add additional information button , located at the bottom of the page and select any category from the list. You can remove any of them at any time by clicking the X button located in the right corner of each category.

Filip Warguła, Product Owner