How to use Profitroom Suite reports to increase the number of foreign guests in your hotel

How to use Profitroom Suite reports to increase the number of foreign guests in your hotel

12 March 2019Damian Mrugas

Are you wondering what to do to get more foreign guests’ reservations through your own website or how to capture the attention of those guests from OTA channels? Contrary to the common belief, you do not have to act randomly. The Profitroom Suite and its analytical reports can help you here. You have access to the complete set of data about guests staying in your facility.

With multiple sales channels, you can easily get confused when collecting such type of information. Especially in case, when you don’t have any aggregate reporting. Analyzing guest data for each source separately becomes tedious and inefficient. It’s much different when you can see information from all your sales channels along with the direct booking data on a single summary chart.

Check the nationality of your guests

Thanks to the nationality report, it is easy to determine which of the nations most often book through a given website/portal. In addition, by adding the data about booking window, it is easy to see which nationalities book in advance. Recreating such a path (guest behaviour) will allow you to prepare an appropriate offer on your own site, which will be of interest to a wider audience.

In Profitroom Suite, users using the Profitroom Channel Manager have access to extensive reporting that covers information from many channels – both OTA and direct bookings. In Profitroom Suite, you have access to analysis of sales history, advance booking, and the nationality of your guests.

How to read the data

On the report showing the nationality of guests, you will see data not only from the selected period (from 30 to 365 days and the option of full manual date setting), but above all you can analyze data from two angles – booking dates and arrival dates.

The date of arrival indicates the most popular dates among specific nationalities. It is worth to pick up some key information based on the dates, such as:

  • The most popular dates among specific nationalities – which can be a sign of holiday periods, bank holidays or long weekends in a given country, but also about flight schedules to and from specific destinations.
  • The dates of the increased number of arrivals of foreign guests in general – which may be evidence of conferences, fairs or other international events taking place in our region.

When browsing nationality reports, it is worth comparing them to the calendar of holidays and popular events in your guests’ countries. By analyzing arrivals on a yearly basis, you can clearly detect any patterns and easily draw conclusions necessary for further work.

Verify booking windows

To get full information about booking trends among foreign guests, we suggest using the booking window report. In a very simple and intuitive way, it presents how far ahead of booking are made by guests from specific countries. The report also allows you to determine how the number and value of reservations on specific channels have changed, according to the time of booking.

Use data in mass mailing actions

Having knowledge about the preferences of booking specific nationalities, it is a good idea to prepare appropriate segments in CRM, for example, Guests from Germany or Guests from the UK, and plan the appropriate mailing for each segment.

When focusing on acquiring Guests from abroad, it is the most important to ensure the quality of the content presented to them. Hence, before sending mailing it is beneficial to check if the translations are updated, i.e. whether the web language versions are active, whether translations of booking offers are added and whether the message itself in the email is properly prepared.

Additionally, it is worth contacting a specialized advertising agency which is able to prepare a strategy and marketing activities aimed at attracting guests from abroad and directing them to the hotel’s website.

Analysis and optimisation process

With permanent access to the report “Nationality” and “Booking window”, the marketing and revenue department staff can monitor sales in relation to the nationality of guests. They also can constantly optimize their activities to encourage foreign guests to make reservations directly through the hotel website, bypassing reservation channels.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us directly at or ask for advice on our revenue chat available after logging into ProfitroomSuite (Mon to Fri, 10.00-13.00).

Author: Daniel Porębski, Product Owner