How to quickly get support from Profitroom’s experts

How to quickly get support from Profitroom’s experts

16 April 2020Rafał Łowiński

There are various channels you can use to get support for our products and services. You can ask questions by email or phone, but you can also speak to one of our consultants via the live chat feature. Moreover, you can look for the answer to your problem browsing our help center or E-learning platform. Find out more about Profitroom’s latest solutions that will help save you time!

In order to improve communication and, above all, to speed up the process of replying to your questions, our support team is now also available through live-chat. This presents far more advantages than only offering real-time communication …

Support via Live-Chat

The hospitality industry is characterized by constant contact with guests and seemingly endless to-do lists. Sometimes there is a lack of time to call the support team – you know best that a hotel guest always comes first.

When using the live-chat, you don’t have to:

  • look for a secluded place, so that you can hear and be heard well,
  • suspend a conversation, when you suddenly need to take care of a guest request,
  • wait for a connection with the support team,
  • worry about being connected with the wrong department.

More benefits of the chat feature

Another advantage is the possibility of sending screenshots, which usually speeds up the process of answering a question. Simply attach the file and wait for a tailored response, instead of sending yet another E-mail and having to explain the issue at lenght.

Of course, the chat can’t always replace a ticket, but it can help you resolve the issue faster. If a more detailed analysis of the commissioned problem or extensive configuration changes are required (e.g. connecting an OTA channel, assigning rooms or tariffs), you don’t need to write down all details in an E-mail. Our specialists will create a report based on the chat. You will then automatically receive the ticket number by email, which you can use later to continue the conversation.

When, where and how can the chat be used?

Profitroom experts support you via live-chat from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Ultimately, this form of contact will replace calls.

The chat feature is available on our website accessing the “Help Center” tab:

Profitroom Help Center
Profitroom Live Chat

To start a chat, you must:

  • enter an E-mail address: you will possibly receive a enquiry number, which will be required for further communication,
  • select a product which your enquiry applies to, e.g. booking engine,
  • enter a subject,
  • briefly describe the problem at hand.

After filling out the above data, the “start conversation” field will be activated:

Profitroom Live Chat window

The chat is also available in Profitroom Suite’s “Help Center” tab:


Knowledge base and E-learning

The live-chat is not the only solution that can help you operate our systems. In Profitroom Suite’s “Help” tab, you will find our knowledge database and the E-learning platform available for more know-how.

The knowledge base contains instructions on how to use Profitroom products. It is constantly updated and expanded with new additions. The search engine helps you find the topic you are interested in.

To access the “Knowledge Base”, open the “Help Center” tab in Profitroom Suite and click “Move to Knowledge Base”:

Profitroom Suite – Knowledge Base

Then register or log in to your existing Zoho account:


After following these steps, you’ll see a search engine – enter the topic you are interested in or select one from the available list of tools:


Soon you will be able to use the knowledge base without creating an account in Zoho – immediately after logging into the Profitroom Suite.

Another solution is the E-learning platform:

  • Find out how you can get the most out of Profitroom products and easily manage content on the page we provide.
  • You can access it at any time.
  • When you stop a training, the system remembers where you left and you can continue with it next time.
  • You will receive certificates for using Profitroom Tools.
  • You expand your knowledge.

To use the E-learning platform, log in to Profitroom Suite, go to the “Profitroom Help Center” tab, access the “Profitroom Know-How” section and click “Start learning”:

Profitroom’s E-learning platform

Login will take place automatically on the account of the person logged in to the Profitroom Suite platform – you don’t have to create a separate account for the E-learning platform.

To obtain a personal certificate or to continue the training progress, remember to log into the system with an individual account set up on your personal E-mail address.

When you log in using an address like reception @ …, office @ …, hotel @ …, the certificatesand training progress will be saved or displayed for the reception, office or hotel, respectively.

Profitroom Know-How – training catalogue

We look forward to staying in touch with you!